A burning desire to address the church.

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A burning desire to address that morale decadence in the church.



The Bible warns that in the last days, which are the time we are in, many believers shall be Lovers of themselves more than Lovers of God.

The church, which ought to be the pillar of truth, has become the pillar of lies, greed, fraud, corruption violence etc.

People are no longer told the truth because of their money and positions, pastor kill pastor because of positions we have many confessors of our Lord Jesus Christ without the fruit, which is the evidence of what they confess.

Mathew 7 :17--18 , Mathew 7:20. Verse 20 said even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruits, but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Wherefore by their fruits we shall know tham.

A little or no important is placed on the fruit now, rather the massage of it does not matter, you can come as you are and remain as you are because grace has covered you is the order of the day

They fail to tell you that those it does not matter will later become matters arising.shall we continue in sin that grace may abound. God forbid.

God cannot behold iniquity and will not turn around to understand or pardon a man who is living in sin because he or she is supporting his work. He has said that without holiness no man would see him.

God is a God of consistency and there is no shadow of turning in him. Many have become enemies of the cross no more suffering, persecution, or trials but live,

There is no sitting on the fence. You must either be for Christ or against him. Remember by your fruits you shall be known not by your confession. The only way you can manifest this life is to abide in God.

Many could not bear fruit is because they are abiding in the church and in the pastor (men of God) without abiding in Christ.

Finally the world is filled with religion, crime, and corruption. The bible said we're the light of the world, but the question one may ask is how bright is this light in a crooked and perverse word. May God give us the ability to overcome this in Jesus Amen.

Thanks for your quality time you use to reading my post, I appreciate.