A Galactic Sand Storm ~ Hive Promotional Banner for Social Media

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Tonight's Hive Promotion Banner started out as a very simple design, but slowly got more complex as I added more and more PSD Layers. The golden specs of gold coloured sand drifts around the Hive Logo at the centre of the image. A nice effect I think, and perfect for posting in the STARS Community. I hope you like the final result below...

A Galactic Sand Storm...💫 with glittering Stars... 🌟


I forgot to take more "screen shots" of the design process, so only a few have been included in this post.

  • Basic starting Hive Logo, removed dark black background to make transparent.
    Screen Shot 20200828 at 18.35.56.png

  • Twirled slightly.
    Screen Shot 20200828 at 18.39.29.png

  • Wave Generator used.
    Screen Shot 20200828 at 18.46.10.png

  • Several Brush tools used to create the sandy specs background.
    Screen Shot 20200828 at 18.33.14.png

  • Zinc Filter used before brightness adjusted.
    Screen Shot 20200828 at 21.13.59.png

All of the above Digital Art Banner Designs were created by me.
[ Strictly Copyright ©2020 @andy4475 ] & posted exclusively to Hive.

So that's it for Tonight!
Stay Safe, and See you all again very soon...👋


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Always appreciated from you Team UK 🌟

This one is epic I really like this one 👍🏾⭐

Thanks Bro , so pleased you enjoyed 😀

No problem bro 👍🏾 keep up the great work 👍🏾⭐ I hope you enjoy your weekend


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