Hive Soccer Manager - hoping for 5th Champions League season

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Best Sports Game on the Blockchain(s)?

If you ask me this game is a killer and addictive! Not only because it is about soccer, but also as it runs on the Hive blockchain. As an avid football (soccer) player in my youth and first mover to buy any of these football games you could get on CD ROM I am thrilled about this DApp on the Hive chain. This game enriches my life and attracts my brain to manage things I have fun with.

Not a review but a preview

I am now a bit settled in the top league of the game which is called "LoC" aka "League of Champions". While I was totally afraid in season 1 aiming to win 1 or 2 games I managed to avoid relegation against much much better teams. Obviously the financial performance enabled me to at least add some high-value players - but I realized quickly I can only stay there by playing smart - trying to beat stronger teams with better strategies. This worked fine hence I am playing in my 4th LoC season at the moment. I am not planning to hit the pot and become a Champion of Champion - but I constantly try to improve my team across all factors, stats and formations. While many gamers simply jump on fancy visuals in games
truely appreciate this "manager game" exactly as it is focusing on the true relevant points - content, working system, fun, brilliant support - visuals might come but I like it as it is.

Investment option or simply fun?

To me both - fun for such a football manager game was always here, blockchain based improved the fun, my invest seems to pay of a bit. The higher you play, the more attractive sponsoring packages you get hence I suffer from the rising salaries - my focus is to play good enough to stay in the league while pushing towards infrastructure investment.

Screen Shot 20201113 at 22.25.28.png

Future of Rabona?

Well - I am not an official spokesperson but what I heard on the upcoming market to trade the RBN token, the bank and share opportunities I am pretty confident to have more fun with this game during the next years!

Thanks again to the dev team for this great Football Manager Rabona by @rondras and @oliverschmid - to me worth every minute of my time.

If anyone wants to join please feel free to use my link, a win-win as you and me would received 25,000 RBN In-Game Token:


waiting for it. something amazing this season

Waiting for next season to start? Hope you built infrastructure?