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RE: Making running social and promoting Steem

in Runninglast year

Let me take another look at seeing if I can incorporate Endomondo into EXHAUST before you switch. I've been meaning to take a look at that, and PolarTracker as well.

Like the shirt idea! Been thinking that something like this would be cool. Especially if you could get custom ones with your name, and maybe even a cool QR code link to your Steem blog page (maybe people could scan it with their phones on-site at a ParkRun, so you can Follow or maybe event up-vote your latest post).

I've been on holidays for the last two weeks, but I'll be available on Discord again for some brainstorming by Monday. Hoping to start the new year with some upgrades to the project, and some progress on the Android app I've been making (which could hopefully / potentially mean that you don't need to use Strava either).


I want to try Strava anyway as it has some attractive features. I never found many people to connect to on Endomondo. I only really started using it as there was a special offer to buy the app when I started running. I can make a fresh start for this year. We can catch up for a chat some time to discuss how to move things forward.