Garden Plants Decorated In White [Snow Photos]

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An ordinary day became an extraordinary day, as winter fully blew in to make a decadent appearance.

Today I bring photos of a three-day snow series, starting with images of various plants in the garden.


The Sweet Violet, I swear is doing better than it looks. Even if this plant were to die completely, the seeds in the pot will quickly sprout new plants to grow back in Spring.


In the hanging basket, the strawberry mint plant never died off completely. Usually mint dies in Autumn after first frost. After a few years, mint roots can become extremely pervasive, to help the plant stay firmly established. Very surprising to see it hang onto the green leaves in the snow.


The magical snowdrop has not lived up to its name. As the snow falls, the leaves and blooms get pressed down under the weight of the ice. The cell walls flex under pressure from the cold chill.


Here on the first day of the snow, it was mostly freezing rain followed by a dusting of sleet and hail shards. The vibrant green grass pokes through the holes between the icy crystals. This first day of snow has a consistency not ideal for snowballs. It's what I call snowcone texture.


The front yard garden plot sustains itself no problem under the might of the snow blanket. The woody radishes continue to plow on with crisp green leaves. Even the ice barely holds down the stems. Snow barely sticks to the pokey leaves.



In the backyard, spikes of crocus leaves form a pom of icicles. The new flowers beside it cluster together under the insulation of a fresh pad of snow, while the sweet pea dangles over the side trying to escape the pressure to search for sunlight and freedom.



Encrusted in ice, the sage plant endures. Brussels Sprouts form tiers of white frosting up along a layered stalk, unwilling to bend under the pressure. A milk jug promises an oasis of protection to a tobacco flower, unaccustomed to the alien weather.


The Indian Plum (Osoberry), already starting to show its first green leaves sits in cryostasis. A shell of watery walls layer the buds. In the sunlight, the water inside drips morsels of nourishment directly to the tender buds, while the outside provides a shield against the bitter wind.

Even my bonsai wires could not provide such a stable cast to hold the stems so firm. Often times when wet wood on heavy tree limbs flex in the ice, it breaks under the slightest pressure.


Lemon Verbena becomes a feathery paintbrush in winter. The frozen wind dance became enshrouded in this capsule of ice, forever freezing the movements in time.


Lastly I share this shrub with berries I found on my evening walk. So tall and proud with its height and colors, the red berries make a ceremonial offering to the sky gods to ensure its progeny survives beyond this age of ice.


Photos in this post are all #originalworks by @creativetruth, unless stated otherwise.

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Here the one you called snow berry is called snow drops. And I am a long way from seeing any, though some years we'd find some in January in the old gardens..

Oh you are right. I wrote that wrong. Going to fix that.

Always fun to read about snow because I never touch with snow in real 😆

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Great! Have a great day :)

In your garden, many plants do pretty well under snow cover. You made a beautiful garden.

Yes they do. Thanks.