Feathered Friends: Mute Swan

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Hi everyone! While at the park I noticed this Mute Swan (Cygnus olor) paddling along the running water from side to side for the longest time. I thought that it just liked the feeling of the water on its neck.

Then this happened. Their diet is aquatic vegetation, algae, seeds, berries, insects and grain. I think this swan was skimming for morsels and found some. The park sells special food to feed the ducks and geese so it could have found some of that too.

Look at that long neck. A swans neck is approximately 2 feet long with 22-25 vertebrae.

Thanks for stopping by!

#featheredfriends by @melinda010100

This fun, cheerful artwork is brought to you by @barbara-orenya.


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Thank you.

Lovely swan! Give it a hug!!

HaHa! I would love to. : )

Amazing what animals figure out, especially if it involves food. :))

It sure is. I was surprised. : )

Getting a workout on a water treadmill... Great shots @whatisnew

HaHa! You are right. Thanks Mike! : )

The are so elegant! Looks like he is at the fast food drive up window! Beautiful photos. !tip

HaHa! So funny. Thanks so much for the tip Melinda. : )

He is enjoying some spa time in his jacuzzi! 😃 ❤️

That must be it! You made me smile again with your cute artwork. : )


What a beautiful bird. We have about 30 or more on our little bay near me and they are something to enjoy.

Lovely shots of the swan @whatisnew. I’ve never seen a bird enjoying the water on it’s neck like this one. 😊

Thanks so much @redheadpei! It was a first for me too. It was also a first for me to see a swan's neck stretched straight. : )

I stare at you.
He saw that they were photographing him.
I perform beautiful and elegant poses ..

What a great model...right? LOL!

Hi @sarimanok! I just wanted to let you know that Feathered Friends is by @melinda010100. : )