Freedom - Show me a Photo Contest, Round 15 - Wings

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I never went to a circus show in my life.

There was a time when I really wanted to go, but either there was no one to go with, or there was nowhere to go, or there was no time to go.


Then I suddenly stopped wanting to go to the circus.

When I realized what exactly this was.

And for the same reason I don't go to zoos.


Years ago, when I was a student in the capital of my home country, I went to the zoo. And I don't think I've seen a sadder sight than these dejected animals in cages there.


Years later I also visited the Tiergarten Schönbrunn or Vienna Zoo - the oldest zoo in the world.

Here things looked much better, years or centuries ahead of the zoo situation in my home country.


But still, I don't think anything or anyone can make me visit the zoo anymore. And although I know what a great attraction these places are, especially for families with children, I do not understand the people who visit them.


And in this situation, here I am, on a birds of prey show.

You can imagine me 😂😥🦅


In fact, I've stumbled upon a similar show twice in my life, just going to take pictures of another historical site for my blog.


The one historic site was a Templar castle in Belgium, and this here is Kasselburg Castle in Germany.


Well, what can I say here?

The cages of the birds were quite large. But they are still cages.


And I know that the life of wild animals "outside" is quite difficult and challenging.

And if you don't kill, you will be killed.


I observe this even in the lives of our free-range cats.

And sometimes I feel sorry for them - even though we feed and take care of them, they have so many tasks and follow so many rules in their feline realm that what's left for the really wild animals that have to provide for themselves.


But I still think that a bird needs the freedom to fly whenever it wants.

And not just while feeding it in front of many people.

Even if it's at the cost of providing its own food. Even if it costs to provide for their own home. Even if it costs to defend this home alone. And if they fail in it, they will eventually die.


But isn't that always the price of freedom?

Even in our human life?


What do you think?




Hello Feathered Friends Community, and everyone involved! This is my entry to the Feathered Friends - Show me a Photo Contest, Round 15, with pictures of birds of prey spreading their wings.

I hope you enjoyed them! (despite the text)

Cheers and have a beautiful weekend!


Pictures were taken with Canon EOS 700D.

Copyright: @soulsdetour


This is very well said. Animals needs to be free and I got mixed feelings when it comes to the zoos.
Sanctuaries seems to be different story.

Absolutely - reserves and places where help is provided to birds in need, and they are eventually released into their natural habitats. But those cages, and a "show"...that's so humiliating for these majestic birds.

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