The Goslings are Out!

I've been keeping an eye out on a couple nesting Canadian geese at the lake. Looks like the goslings have just hatched.

Here is one of the nests that hasn't hatched yet. There will be quite a few babies at the lake this year.

The other goose family has just hatched their nest. The parents have let them leave the nest and swim around a bit now.

They are still very tiny and clumsy at this age.

They are trying to learn how to eat grass and are generally clumping together at this age.

Some of these little guys are still too scared to leave the parent's side.

The mother is keeping an extra watchful eye out for predators. She didn't care too much about me, though when people walk their dogs by she gets really nervous. I think their biggest threat are the foxes around here.

I wish I could pick one up but I would get hit by the strong wings of the parents lol.

Look at this little guy heading out for a swim. 90% feet and 10% body. It will be fun to see the other family hatch. The Canadian geese tend to let combine forces with their goslings.


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Thanks :-)

I think this is one of the posts that made me smile the most, they are truly adorable!

If only I could have caught one lol.

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The babies are always soooo cute! Beautiful photos!

I hope the other nest is hatched sometime this week. I know of another nest that is placed on the curb right in a parking lot I'll probably visit later today to see if they have hatched. That goose family will have a heck of a time getting to water as they have to travel across a 4 lane highway to get there. Maybe they know of a drainage pipe shortcut.

Oh my goodness, that sounds like a bad place for a nest... I hope it all works out ok!

Maybe its good for scaring away the foxes but that's about it.

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Thanks :-)

OMG how cute is that, nature at its best 😍.

I read the comments, you gotta save the other ones. They are going to get killed on the highway 😟.

Yeah I'll keep an eye out for the silly goose next to the carwash. I noticed a reservoir ditch thing behind this car wash that might be their pathway to the lake across the road. Hopefully she is smart enough to lead them through that instead of over the road... p4039823.jpg

Maybe you can lure them there to show the path. With breadcrumbs or worms or so lol. And do you think letting Animal Control know about them would be a good idea? They might be able to help out if the geese are hatching.

Or you inform the local press, the car wash gets attention and you a lifetime free car wash pass 😉😄.

Great pics btw!

I did that one year with ducklings that were trapped on my balcony. I caught them all and put them in a paper bag then the cheeping made the mom follow me all the way to the lake lol.

Awesome, so you know what you have to do lol. I keep my fingers crossed that they all make it growing up safe and sound.

Sadly this is what the goose would do to me if I tried saving the goslings

You'll survive 😄

Cute little fuzz balls! And my first thought was, hope you don't get too close, geese are fierce!

Fortunately they only gave me a couple head bops and hisses.