Sunday Bird Spotting

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Here are few birds I spotted today.
Today I decided to try and get as many in flight shots as possible. My camera isn't the best at action shots like this in cloudy light but it did good enough to see some detail on this great blue heron.

Here is a first for me, an osprey. I ventured out far up north in Illinois up near the Fox River and I saw this guy flying right above me. He was probably headed towards the river to catch a meal.

I also found the bobolink paradise. This was in a state park that has lots of grassy fields and there were at least 10 different pairs of bobolinks. The males fly up and make electronic noises and circle around where the female is on the ground. This makes it difficult to get a nice still shot of them.

Then when they land they are obscured by the tall grass. These birds are ground nesting and became endangered as they lay their eggs in agriculture fields then they get mowed or plowed under. This area is protected so they have figured out they can nest here safely. I kept an eye out for nests but found none so they may just be pairing up at this point.

Most of what I saw today were great egrets.

This one was incoming to a bog area to hunt for frogs or tadpoles.

Now for the great egret landing. The little turtle better watch out he doesn't get gutted.

Then it was on to hunting where they stand still like this for ages hoping to see movement below to strike at.

Finally here is a catbird meowing loudly hidden away behind the leaves. I'm surprised my camera even focused in on him. Most of the green blur is from leaves in the foreground.

I also saw quite a few thrushes, a scarlet tanager, a yellow warbler and a few other colorful birds. I'll save those guys for #featheredfriday :-) Thanks for looking.


Just mind blowing and wonderful capture

Thanks :-), if only it was a bit brighter outside the photos could have been a bit sharper.

A tanager! I'll be on the lookout!
You got some really great shots. The photos of the Heron and the Osprey are superb.

I had no idea there were ospreys around here, at first I thought it might of been a juvenile bald eagle.

I have seen them in Wisconsin at Castle Rock Lake and while canoeing on some of the rivers. They are awesome birds. I know Rock Cut State Park in IL has nesting platforms.

Ooo cool I'll have to visit Rock Cut to try and see the platforms.

Cool photos 😅👌👌 it is not easy to get bird when they move.

It was a bit of a cloudy day so I'll try the moving shots again on a really sunny day. Hopefully that will make the pictures sharper.

Sure sun can help lot :) I hope you get more this cool birds soon :)

WOWOWOW! I also like take photo with moving birds!

It is a really tough challenge to have the camera ready in time.


Those are lovely shots of birds.

They are always a good subject to try and capture on film. Most of the time they are hiding behind the leaves though.

You are absolutely right. One just has to watch carefully in order to notice them.

The birds look beautiful in flight as they hypnotize with their ease of movement. ;))

I am jealous of their ability to fly and their psychic ability to escape my lens lol.

I know because I also watch them regularly at sea, flying around the ship and raising the wind, something like that, and I just don't always get to take photos on my runway because the birds are arid ;))

Sure, you can capture the image of this bird very perfectly.

Thanks, for the tiny birds I would need to get a huge camera on a tripod in burst mode.

It is very nice.
The important thing is that the image you get is perfect.