Show Me A Photo Contest Round 19 - Bird and Fence

in Feathered Friendslast month (edited)

Here is my entry for #smap round 19 by @nelinoeva with the theme bird and fence.
Here is the first bird on a fence. This is a gamble's quail male keeping watch over the quails on the ground in Arizona. If they see a predator they start squawking to distract it from the rest of the flock on the ground.

Here is another bird from Arizona, I'm not sure of the id, it has a finch sort of beak but it is much larger than a finch. I think it might be an Abert's Towhee or a Canyon Towhee.

Now for my usual red-winged blackbirds on fences by the lake. These guys love hanging around on the field fences to show off for the ladies.

They like to try and fight you as you walk by them.

They'll often fly above your head and dive bomb you to try and peck you.

Meanwhile the robin wonders why they are so brazen.

The mockingbird is too busy trying out new sound to care about the red-winged drama.

The bluebird is too shy to say anything about it.

They would rather move to the safety of the barbed wire fences.

I have many other birds on fences but this post would go on forever if I tried to show them all lol.
Thanks for looking :-)



Thanks :-) the birds pose longer on fences for some reason.

Yeaa.. ur pics are just awesome ...

Wow, excellent bird-on-a-fence photos!

I have lots of overlooked bird on a fence photos, I typically overlook them because the fences aren't as nice as having them sitting on a branch.

Very nice entry.I like all photo.👌🤝

Thanks, they were all nice posers for me.


so nice to see all these birds

And I'm happy they posed so nicely at the time.

Extraordinarily beautiful.
All pictures are so perfect.

I had to zoom a long way for the bluebirds they wouldn't let me get too close.

Even if you bring your camera closer, your image is very clean.


They all are posing well, even the shy bluebird. I did not know that the red-winged blackbirds would attack you. Hope you haven't been pecked.

So far I haven't been pecked but one of my runner friends always gets pecked on the running trail. Maybe the key is to be moving more slowly and then the bird has to think longer about whether or not they want to attack you.

Excellent post and photos! You constantly amaze me with your bird photography!

Now if only I could get to the buntings hiding behind the leaves. I hear them already but can't seem to spot them yet.

I saw my first of the season today and got a few down in the grass shots. I am not expecting any stunning photos, though.

They are a tough one to get, I have a few clear ones but they are backlit as silhouettes.


Stunning photography with birds on fences in your region!

Red-winged blackbirds has great attitude, giving you good opportunity of being pecked and take photographs 😄.

Yeah they are pretty hilarious and they like to try and attack. There's photos of them out there of them riding on the backs of hawks and eagles to drive them out of their territory.

Sound like some we have here, think they are bigger and braver than all the others in town!

Like this guy

Lovely collection of birds on a fence.

I have many more fence sitting birds. I just usually don't process them because I would rather have them sitting on a branch. Though often the fence sitting birds turn out clearer than the branch one.