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RE: Una Mañana Lluviosa / A Rainy Morning ⛈💦

Looks like a red bellied woodpecker.


These are gray-bellied and red-headed. Their scientific name is Melanerpes aurifrons. This species is very abundant around here, I'm always taking pictures of them. I find them very beautiful. Greetings and have a beautiful day.🤗

I have ones that look like this here Melanerpes carolinus, they almost have all gray bellies too except for a few tiny red feathers on their bellies. So far I haven't been able to catch a shot of them showing their red bellies lol.

Well these I can assure you do not have a red belly. Unfortunately a few days ago while walking home I saw one of these little friends dead at the foot of a power pole, I guess he was electrocuted, but I could see him very well and he didn't have any red paint on his belly. 😔