Happy Mother's Day for the Goose Families

The Canadian Geese by the lake are enjoying this Mother's Day being watchful mothers over their broods.

There are now three families of geese on the lake but only one has a dad hanging around. The other two are single mother families.

Here is a weird behavior where all the geese parents started putting their heads low to the lake at the same time. The dad is in the middle trying to keep the ladies from fighting with each other lol.

Now they have brought the babies on the grass for breakfast. This mom was scolding the babies as they were biting each other.

Now she is keeping a watchful eye on them to be sure they stop fighting.

Here is one of the other goose mothers with her brood mixing with the other's brood. So far I don't have a picture of all three families colliding together yet.

The dad is keeping a watchful eye on me from the shoreline.

The geese seem to be getting used to me I was able to walk right up to this gosling for a clear shot.

Here is the latest goose family to hatch, only four goslings came out of this nest.

Here is the nest they came out of.

These little guys are so gawky after they hatch, I'm surprised this little fella made it up on this rock.

Happy Mother's Day from the goose families :-)


Beautiful goose ..
Is it a wild goose or someone has it.

These guys are wild, they are pretty common around here.

Great shots!

Thanks the geese are great posers.

Such a cute post. loved those little babies. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful experience. You made me smile, good stuff friend.

Hopefully next time I see them all three families will have their goslings piling up together.

Awesome!!!! Happy mummys day you cute little feathered bundles of joy :)

If only I could catch one, but then I would get some serious goose wing damage to the head.

🤔 What would you need one for? 😄

Just to see how fluffy they are.


Meanwhile they transform into cobra chickens

OMG that was fuckin hilarious!!! 😂

I laughed so hard, thanks for that 😄 You gotta share that with the Canucks on Hive.

The poor tigers and gorilla.

Like following the saga of the 3 goose families. :))

They grow so fast they seem to be twice as big every time I go and see them again.

Hi cute ;))

They are really cute and clumsy.