Feathered Friday - Variety by the Lake

Here are a few varieties of sightings for this #featheredfriday by @melinda010100
Here is a crazy red-winged blackbird belting out his song by the lake.

They are a usual sight by the lake and are practically fearless so you can get all sorts of poses from them. This is his artistic profile contemplation shot.

Here is his annoyed paparazzi face.

The female red-winged blackbirds are much more shy and hang out in the reeds and weeds.

They like to take off almost every time I get focused in on them.

Here is a first for me at the lake, a ruddy duck.

I also spotted a female cardinal hanging out next to a sprinkler.

These gals are also very skittish and take off almost every time I get my camera focused on them.

I managed to capture a shot of a cormorant flying over the lake. These guys seem to get their fishing done early in the morning.

I managed to catch a flying barn swallow. They hang out under the boathouse.

Here is another first for me, a meadow lark. Sadly this guy would always turn his back to me as I tried to circle him to get his nice yellow chest.

That's all for this #featheredfriday thanks for looking :-)


Magnificent, and the first one you captured in a perfect instant, singing and with her wings spread, that image transmits intensity.

I have to do an animated gif of him pre screech going into full screech.

That would be great, hope to see it. 😀

incredible, you always present a very extraordinary image.

Thanks fortunately the red-wings are very tame and you can position yourself for a good shot.

But I only use my cellphone camera.

you have to be very sneaky then lol

Yeah ...

Maybe slowly pushing a selfie stick towards them would work as you hide behind a bush.

ha ha ha..
Hope that will work ...

Love the redwing shots! Pretty cool swallow one too.

He was belting his lungs out and had to use his clear eyelid to push more force out lol.

That red-winged blackbird is gorgeous!

I have a couple of him right before that showing the process of the scream. I'll make an animated gif of it eventually lol.

That would be fun to see!

Great shots and your red-winged blackbird looks very similar to our fan-tailed widow bird.

Cheers and !BEER

Wow they are very similar, other than the beak shape. I'll have to look up their call and see if its similar as well.

No, they are similar, but I think that they are different species. Maybe they come from the same root family that lived a million years ago 😀

Hmm as it turns out their call is much different here's what the red-wings sound like

Wow. This is so great and I didn't even know that musicofnature.org existed.
You have opened up a new world for mr to explore.

And yes, as I thought, they are only similar in color, but it's not the same bird.
We have another one also with similar colors, but it has a very long tail.

Check out the "Long-Tailed Widowbird" (Euplectes progne)

Cheers and !BEER

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Hey @sketch.and.jam, here is a little bit of BEER from @papilloncharity for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

I have not met most of these birds with us (

Yeah most are North American species. Some only can be found in the midwest.

Most of our birds are very monotonous, and do not have such bright colors, with very rare exceptions, and these species are very difficult to meet ...

Right now all the colorful ones have migrated here for spring. We have blue, red, yellow, even greenish birds around. The problem is the leaves have grown in and those smaller rare colorful birds hide up in the thick leaves. I saw one of these guys this morning but he was high up in the tree hidden mostly by leaves. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baltimore_oriole

Similar to our Great tit!

I wish you a successful photo hunt, it will be interesting to see your species!

We have tiny black and white chickadees that look like them.

Indeed, they are very similar, but ours have a greenish-yellowish color ... And if you translate their name (as it sounds with us) into English, it will literally be roughly "Bluish"

All of your photos are wonderful, but I am most impressed with the meadow lark! Not a chance of me seeing one here in the woods.

Yeah it was out in an open prairie area on a hill. Too bad it didn't turn around for me to get it's full color.