Feathered Friday - Two Families of Goslings Converge

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Here are two families of Canadian geese goslings converging for this #featheredfriday by @melinda010100
I noticed yet another batch of baby goslings has hatched at the lake.
Both families of geese have six goslings in them.

This one is in battleship formation with the parents flanking the goslings in the middle.

This is the other family of goslings on the other side of the lake. I'm not sure where the dad is.

Both parents ended up landing right next to me on the edge of the lake. All the babies converged together and started wolfing down the grass.

I wonder how the babies and parents can even tell their babies apart when they clump together into a big pile.

These little guys wondered what I was doing watching them eating all the grass they could.

These guys have plenty of different greens to choose from.

I wonder if they like the dead nettles, plain grass or the clover leaves.

After about 5 minutes of snacking the parents gave a few head bops and the babies broke into two groups and took off with their parents.

I'm sure they probably got mixed up who knows if the geese even care that they have different goslings following them lol.


Off they go to their floating island nests. I also noticed another nest that hasn't hatched yet one of the floating islands.


How cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you check on the car wash fam?

Btw I'm pretty sure they don't get mixed up as they not only recognize their parents by appearance but also by voice 😉.

🤔 Do you think geese are wondering how humans don't mix up their offspring? 😄

Yeah they haven't hatched yet (on Thursday). But I'll check again this weekend.

🤗 👍 😄

Here she is still

😍 You are such a great geese uncle 😉

Womp looks like they hatched and left

The car wash guy had a tin of water and salad for them earlier when they hatched, he said they took off in the ditch direction.

I wanna see your oven 😂 . I hope they are doing fine, how nice of you to check on them...you earned a spot in my heart 😊

We're having goose thanksgiving turkey tonight lol.

Wow, so beautiful.
They are the neatest and most disciplined animals.
Because whenever we see ducks or broods, they always line up.
Cool, I really like to see it.

That's their defense formation from the evil fox predators.

Especially when there are so many of them.
So the sound alone can be confusing.

That was interesting they joined together then went their separate ways. Ducklings are so cute and fuzzy!

Strength in numbers I guess, soon there will be another family hatching. I'm guessing there will be at least 18 goslings hanging around the lake.