Feathered Friday - Old Familiars and an Oriole

Here are some old familiars and my first spring Baltimore Oriole for this #featheredfriday by @melinda010100
Just yesterday I got another bird on fence photo, one of my usual red-winged blackbirds defending his territory.

This other red-wing actually hovered over my head a few times screeching at me. There must already be a nest nearby.

This female was on the ground below looking for insects. I'm not sure if she already has babies to feed.

Now for my first Baltimore Oriole of the year.

This guy was nice enough to pose in the sun for a while high up in the tree. I did my best for maximum zoom on my lens.

He was belting out a loud song. Perhaps he is trying to attract a mate.

The robins have their spring plumage in full color now. They are all plumping up on worms, they may already have nests and babies around as well.

The goose families seem to have conglomerated into one group now. Quite a few are missing I bet the fox must have dwindled them down from 16 gosling to about nine from what I can tell.

Another interesting thing happened to the goose families it seems like the male and female pair have adopted the two single mother gooses' goslings. They were even chasing the single mothers away from their own goslings and claiming the whole group as their own. I'll have to read up on this goose behavior.

That's all for this #featheredfriday :-)


Nice ;))

Thanks :-) the poor goslings keep getting picked off by predators.

Interestingly, there is that too ,;))

Great photos! The Robin's definitely have young ones in their nests. I saw a crow raid a nest yesterday and go flying off with babies for lunch. Poor babies.

Ouch, they probably are like gummy bears snacks for the crow.

It was a reminder to me that nature is not always pretty.

Even woodpeckers raid nests like that. Its a bird eat bird world out there.

Lovely shots, I especially liked the oriole!

I wish they would come down closer to eye height. I always end up with high up in the tree shots of them. Maybe I need to setup feeders like @melinda010100 :-)

Awesome photos!

Thanks :-)

Pretty bird shots. Strange bird behaviour for the geese to take on the single mother’s babies. Maybe to make up for the ones missing because of a hungry fox.

Yeah I went back to see them today and the poor mom is trailing behind the pair that adopted all the goslings. They chase her away if she gets to close.

The poor mother. It seems the other geese who adopted the goslings have no emotional depth to feel sorry for the mother. Such is life in the wild.

Not enough mirror neurons in their brain probably.

Loved the first oriole photo! I didn't see ours this year.

They are probably hidden away high up in a tree.


Nice photographs. Omg those goslings! So cute!
My partner spotted an Oriole for the first time the other day. Very exciting.

I have been hearing quite a few recently, the problem is they have loud voices but usually hang out high up in the tree out of sight.