Some love cannot be expressed, it must be understood.

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Since I am a working man so Friday is very important to me because this day is our weekend here.I think the weekend is very important to every working person because on that day they try to spend their time like themselves. I also try to spend my time like myself. This day is especially important for my hobbies.Today is a very important day for me. I have decided that today I will spend all day with my family and take care of my garden and my birds because these are my hobbies.

Due to professionalism and busyness, I can't take care of my hobbies very much.But I try to find them in the midst of hundreds of activities.But to be honest, I spend most of my time on holidays taking care of them, so I value the holidays very much.
We can talk like we can express our feelings but these birds can't easily say anything. Those who care about them only understand when they need it.After waking up this morning, I went to them and realized that they were hungry. So I tried to bring good quality food for them and I let them eat it today, by hand. Honestly when I was spending time with them, my time seemed impossibly good. Because today I can give them time on my own and take care of them.
I think every bird lover tries his best to take care of his bird whenever he has time.When I went in front of them with the food in my hand,they slowly came to me and ate from my hand and all of them were doing impossible good deeds inside me which I could not express.However friends the most truthful thing is that some love cannot be expressed, it has to be understood.
I dedicate my photographs to those who are bird lovers and I believe they will like my photography and they will also try to take care of their birds. thank you .20200831_15225201.jpeg


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Well ... I don't like city pigeons, and I think that those countries where it is forbidden to feed them are right.
Smaller birds are afraid of them and they do not get food, they remain hungry. Pigeons live in my yard. Last year they constantly flew to my feeder and I had to drive them away, because they ate all the seeds, and great tits and goldfinches had nothing left. The pigeons are fed in the yard, plus there is a special feeder for them at the entrance, besides, they are also fed in the park nearby. They are the only ones who are always full, and small birds are forced to be afraid of them and be hungry.

First of all, thanks for your comment. In fact, I keep pigeons in my own way and have cages for them. I try to keep them like me. And I always try to take care of them so that no one else is harmed by them.

You do have some beautiful birds, @shuvo35! So many lovely colors. It's easy to see how much you enjoy them. Thanks for sharing them with #featheredfriends!

thanks dear for your compliment 😊

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