Feathered Friends & Show Me Birds Round #9 by @melinda010100 and @Barski

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I saw this little bird from above the gutter. By its body built, I guess it's a male Maya bird. He seems lonely. Hmmm, probably he's got a date on Valentine's Day!


He keeps flying back and forth inside that opening below the roof. They have become my permanent residents and I enjoy watching them while having my morning coffee from our terrace.


Then they became two. His date arrived, perhaps after so many text messages?


Then I saw them flying as if running after each other and bumping. So it's sort of a love dance, I talked to myself, while observing them both.


For a split second, I was lucky enough to catch the lovers. Love is in the air on Valentine's Day! Good for them.:)

Thanking @melinda010100 and @Barski for initiating this entry.

Till then,

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Hi @sarimanok! Feathered Friends is by @melinda010100, not me @whatisnew. : ) Great capture of the birds mating! Love it!

Oh my! I've realized that now. Thanks for the correction dear. I seem to interchange insectpub n feathers. Lol!

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HaHa! No problem! : )

Happy Valentines Day, for sure! Thanks for posting to #featheredfriends! ❤️. !Tip

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