Bottoms Up

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My entry to #featheredfriends contest with the theme Bottom announced by @nelinoeva. Check here for more information on the contest.

I looked through my archives to see if I had any photos of the birds showing their bottom and came across ones I had taken of the male grouse doing his unique mating dance to try and attract the females. He was by the driveway and I was afraid in his aroused state he would go out on the highway.

The ruffed grouse is sometimes called native partridge by locals.


The poor little guy was trying so hard to get the females attention and they just ignored him. The male puffed out his chest to the point I could hardly not make out his head. The tail is fanned out and he moved backwards and forwards making a drumming sound with wing beats.


Lookout ladies..Nature is calling!


Eventually the females went into the forest with the male followed still doing his dance and drumming.

A few other birds with bottoms showing.

The little junco


I have lots of photos of birds, especially Blue Jays, but not much with Bottom showing. I probably deleted them thinking I would never use them,


The Blue Jay comes to the deck and picks at cat food I put out for the stray cat.


Seagull in flight


Location: Prince Edward Island, Canada

Photos & text @ redheadpei

Thanks @melinda010100 for sponsoring the contest and @nelinoeva for the fun theme!


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Banner created by @barbara-orenya



Look at him, strutting his stuff for the ladies! Great photos for 'Bottoms' week. Who would have thought we would need all those photos we deleted!

Thanks @melinda010100. 💞 The grouse was amazing to see strutting and hear the drumming.

I go though my photos and delete ones I think I won't use.Maybe better not do that as one never knows. :)

I have to admit that the male Grouse looks quite nice even from behind 😁

I believe you have found the right photos for the theme, Jo 😊 I like the first Blue Jay photo most, although it doesn't show much of his bottom ... or maybe just because of that 😎

I think I would have to dig very deep in my archive to find a bird's back side ... there are not a lot bird photos anyway 😉

Cheers with !BEER and !WINE

I didn’t think I would find much on the bird’s backside Hannes and it was a surprise to find something in the photos. You might find backsides in your photos. 😃

The Blue Jays are always here and are my best models. :)

Thanks dear Hannes for reblog, goodies and generosity. 🤗

I hope you are having a splendid Thor’s Day.

Good morning Jo,

sorry for the late reply, but my Thor's Day was busy and I've been too tired to do much more online than to vote and make a few comments.

It's cold here at -9 C and they say tomorrow we'll have -20 C ... brrrrr 🌡️

Of course, I would bind quite a few backsides of birds, because mostly when I press the shutter button they fly away 🤣 lol

I'm working tomorrow, but I'll try to make it an easy day (and night) and I wish you a wonderful weekend, hopefully not as cold as ours is predicted 🤗🔆

You know it's always a pleasure for me, so cheers with !BEER and !WINE

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The blue jay is so cute!

They are wonderful to photograph.

The frustrated male grouse is worthy of a love poem. Great shots

Haha. Yes, a poem would be great. Thanks for stopping by.🙂

The dancing birds are so interesting to watch. The males are put so much effort to attract their partner. You are so lucky to see them, wonderful entry.

Thanks Neli @nelinoeva. Their mating dance is amazing to see.

Delightful pictures, but nothing, nothing, matches the indignity of the poor grouse :))

Thanks A.G. @agmoore. The ladies were definitely ignoring the male. :) He was dancing and drumming his little heart out.

how are you dear friend @redheadpei good afternoon
What a fun slogan for this week, I really liked the collection of images that you let us know on this occasion. Excellent shots.
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid afternoon

Hi dear friend @jlufer. I am good and hope everything is going great with you.

Thanks for your nice comment. I’m happy you liked the shots.

Have a wonderful Friday!

When I saw that first photo I thought it was a I'm playing catch-up as usual. Too much going on at home but, hopefully, things are looking a little better. Temporarily anyway. Terrific photos of the birds and I'm glad it was a grouse as I don't see them around here so I get to see them there. 😉 💕

Hi Dee. Nice to hear from you.💞 I was wondering how you were doing.

I love seeing the grouse around. These ruffed grouse live mainly in the forest but will come out to feast in the apple trees and on other tree tips.

Thanks for your support Dee. Take care and be safe.

You're very welcome Jo! We were suppose to get 5 to 8 inches of snow yesterday but instead got a coat of ice. Luckily, it isn't as bad as some areas of the US. Hope you are doing good there in your "neck of the woods"?! You take care also and have a safe, warm and wonderful weekend! 💕

Thanks Dee. 💖I heard on the news about terrible cold weather that hit Texas and some animals at the San Antonio Zoo froze to death. If they would have brought in straw for the animals it may have saved them...just my opinion as straw is used in animal beds to keep them warm. People there were not prepared for the cold weather.

You're very welcome Jo! I watched some of what was happening in TX on was really sad. I had not heard about the zoo animals which is so sad and I did just see a video that talked about putting extra hay in stalls for the animals to keep warm. I watch Living Traditions Homestead on YT and their pig just had 5 little piglets. Hope you are having a great weekend and staying warm!! 💞

Like a mini Turkey 😊

They are not very big. I like seeing them around but it's mostly in the fall to check for apples.

Ha ha bottoms up your ruffed grouse sure has his feathers up in full display, most definitely a winner in showing off Jo.

Will have to look around since so many of my photographs are from the bottom of a tree looking up, not always a good idea since they do poop you know 😄, oh well they say it is good luck over here.

@tipu curate

Thanks Joan and for the tip. 💞 You will be surprised to see you may have a few bird bottoms in your photos.

I've heard it is good luck if a bird poops on you. Not something you really want..the poop that is :)

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 43 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks Pix!

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