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The photo I took today. A young jackdaw walks on the first spring grass ... and looks for food, carefully avoiding piles of dog poop.


More frames from the set:





At this moment his collegue had appeared.



I am really curious to know, what nutrition they are so passionately search for?..




This post goes for 'Show me your photo (of a bird)' contest, round 18! This week the topic was 'Bird in Grass'. Check the rules and details to take part, they are pretty standard:

  • weekly challenge, new prompt is published on Sunday;
  • link back your entry in the comment section of the contest post;
  • photo should be your own, obviously;
  • post it in #FeatheredFriends community;
  • your post may feature more photos, just state which one is your entry (otherwise 1st will be taken into account);
  • drop some extra text description;
  • mention the contest name in the title of your post.

! 2.jpg



Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 55 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Hi @qwerrie . Perfect shot . Using a telephoto lens?

not at all. I own a telephoto 70-300 (pretty ordinary) but left it at home.
it was a little family walk today, not a birding hunt. I took 150mm macro telephoto with me (wanted to shoot some buds on the trees blooming). so, this is shot with a macro lens! (and I also captured some nice ducks, as well).


That's amazing. I'm waiting for the next photo. It's the right time for the weekend with the family. Happy weekend. 😍

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They're feasting on that poop! If they get hungry, they should come to where I live, they'll find plenty of that kind of food here! 😁 Good shots! I haven't seen those kinds of birds here.

oh! you dont have jackdaws?.. (and what about pigeons?) this is a trivia, me thinks. if you dont have them, maybe you have smth more beautiful, I am sure!

Jacdaws like seeds and invertebrates. But they will never say no to the cats biscuits. ☺.
Lovely shots, please remember to put your link.

i think there are not much invertebrates yet. maybe, they find some maple seeds that were fallen from the trees last autumn?

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Who doesn't like pizza? ☺🍕
Thank you very much!

Ohhhh cool, like them. Maybe they are having a nice bite of 💩 😂 Just kidding. Insects I would expect they are looking for.