Some fabulous views in here!

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Here I will show you some Kelp Seagull photos with the sunset as the background!

Just a serene post that you can read by relaxing for a few moments. In your imagination, allow the songs of the ocean waves to wash over your ears and breathe in the salty fresh sea air.
It's the end of the day and the time to dream has arrived!
Come and follow me!

This is how it all started and I wanted to get some birds on the sun!

But I also didn't want the birds to cover the sun!

So lovely when they fly soundlessly at sunset time!

Oops! He just about made it over the sun, as it almost burned his stomach hahaha!

Note that none of the photos have the same bird in them.


Finally the sun had touched the mountain ridge and the crystals in the air colored the bottom of the sun ball!

And That's All Friends!

I like to post uplifting and happy posts just because there is so much misery in this world. Yes, we also experience the same misery in the charity world, but my habit is to get people to smile. Did I tell you that yesterday I fell into a hole?
Some ankle damage and a couple of scratches, but nothing serious and nothing to moan about, as today I am smiling again.
It was my own fault as there is a temporary warning "No pedestrians" sign that I missed.

But any hole is worth it to get photos like this lol.

We leave you with something to think about;

“Health is the new wealth. Happiness is the new rich. Inner peace is the new success. Kindness is the new cool.” —Syed Balkhi

All photos are my own and taken with a Canon Powershot SX60HS camera (Now with a couple of dents in it lol)

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Shots of sunsets with birds flying by are probably among the most relaxing shots :)

Sorry for the late reply and thank you kindly for the visit.
A bit stranded at the moment, as stepped backwards into a hole and hit the deck yesterday. But everything is fine and back at work again today lol.

Yes, I also get that salient and serene feeling when I watch the birds at sunsets.
Telling me that everything is as it should be.

Awesome golden photos

Thank you kindly my friend!

stunning shots

Thank you kindly!

Wonderful the sunset you managed to capture... It transmits a lot of peace... The sky with its warm tones and the wandering flight of the seagull, with the last rays of the sun... In a great inspiration for the sight and the soul!
Thank you for sharing. @papilloncharity

Thank you kindly and I love to watch the birds at sunset.
A serene close to the day and telling me that all is well.
It always gives me great hope for our tomorrows.
Peace and hope also to you!

Always your posts put a smile on my face, the beauty of the sunset and birds flying in the photo are so lovely. Praying you heal fast and stay away from holes.

Hahaha, that hole was watching and waiting for me my friend.
He was jealous that my eyes are always watching the skies and he decided to show me that I should also take photos of the earth now and then lol.

My job is to inspire people with hope and if I get a smile on your face, then I have succeeded!

Cheers and !BEER

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Bird on the background of the sun and sunset, an amazing photo!👍

Thank you kindly my friend.
It always gives me a great peace when I watch the birds at sunset.
Blessings to you for the new week!

Beautiful time of day to be out photographing the birds and the sunset!
You got some wonderful captures and I appreciate you sharing them with us!
I hope you heal quick from you falling into a hole!
Ah! What photographers won't do to get that perfect photo!
I feel for you for often I will get myself really chilled trying to capture more and more of the beauty found in nature when stunning photos are just a click away!

Thank you milady!
Peace and serenity is what I feel whenever I watch the birds at sunset.
Like you, I get so lost in taking photos of the beauties, that I cannot care about the conditions. I was walking backwards when all of a sudden there was no earth under my right foot lol. Just mother earth reminding me that I should also take photos of her treasures on the ground lol.
Luckily there was no serious damages and I am fine thank you!

Great shots and scenery! I miss those summer vibes..

Thank you kindly milady.
Are you now in a place approaching winter?
If so, do what the birds do and come south hahaha.

I was born in the south but now I kind of live at the foothills of the mountains and we expect snow soon haha. Ok the peaks it's already some serious snow!

Oh shame, you will just have to do what the Eskimo's do in the snow my friend.
Smear tons of Seal oil all over your body and wrap yourself with 10 hot blankets.
Plug your nose and ears and wear a full fur cap 😁

Hahahaha 😁

I love all of these photos, Zac, they are stunning cool looking 😃

Sometimes they put signs on places where it's not necessary, but sometimes they know what they do 🤣

I hope it's not too bad, my friend, and I hope you have learned that it's not always good to watch the birds in the sky, especially when you could miss such a sign and/or a hole 😉

Wish you a wonderful Sunday and take it easy till you feel better 🌞

Cheers and !BEER
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I'm glad to hear that you are ok after the hole incident!

Luckily I have had a few rough landings in my time milady.
As long as the camera was fine, I was also fine lol.
Camera picked up a light dent and so did I, but all is well again.

Pure beauty! Thanks for posting these to the #featheredfriends community

Thank you kindly milady!