Snails having lunch and other pics!

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Look! This snail just swallowed a piece of bread!

Don't believe me? Watch the video!

At first I will show you how snails eat in this video taken today!

Then some photos about what I got on a rainy day!

We were soaking today and strange weather indeed. It is now summer here in South Africa, but there is ice in the mountain valleys. But then again, this is not going to stop me from taking photos and I have some interesting sights here for you today.
Come and have a look!

They were wet and bedraggled next to the road, so we put out some maize for these guinea fowl keets (youngsters)!

This little guy was on his way to his mommy!

And of course she stood and watched the proceedings!

Thankfully later in the day the rain stopped!
Clouds drifting off to the apple farms behind the mountains!

Oh! And I found this baby Cape Dwarf chameleon (Bradypodion pumilum) walking along the top of a garden wall!
They are NT (Near Threatened) and only found here in the Western Cape Province)

I knew where he was going, so I gave him a lift, as he had his thumb up hitchhiking!

A squirrel and a snail on the log and a dove behind them!

Finally at sunset the clouds had partly cleared and formed long golden lines across the sky!

I could even get a clear shot of the moon!

So you see? We regard rain as a blessing and I often get some interesting pics on rainy days. Most of the animals cower away in order to stay dry, but there are always the odd hungry ones out to get what they can to eat.
Animals know that when their stomachs are full, it is easier to endure the wet and the cold!

And That's All Friends!

Note: All of the photos are my own, taken today and the camera used is a Canon Powershot SX60HS.
The "Cape Dwarf Chameleon" information can be found on!

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I wake up, eat my breakfast,
and get to the internet
to see what's new in your blog!
And you don't disappoint.

Hahaha, I am so glad to be on your list after breakfast, as it means that you wwilll be in a good mood 🤣
Thank you kindly for this uplifting message!

Cheers and !BEER

only the truth my friend...
Only the truth!

It's Thanksgiving Day here!


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I would never have thought that watching a video with snails eating bread could be exciting, but it was and I watched all of it 😀

This little Dwarf Chameleon is so cute, Zac, and you know that after the rain the sun will shine again ☀️

Cheers and !BEER

I was also amazed to watch them eating Hannes. Glad that you liked the video.

The thing is that I was worried about the babies, as since I placed them in that bush, they seemed to have disappeared. So you can imagine how happy I was to see this little male.
Then I really looked at the bush and I also saw another one, so it means that they are all safe in there!

Here's the other one and you can see that they are different colors. The three female babies are all this color and the male here in the post are the same colors as his adult small father!

Cheers and thanks!

They are really cute and you can be proud that you saved their lifes, and happy that they have chosen to stay in your garden :)

Cheers and !BEER

Yes, cute indeed and even the ants are safe here 🤣
Just not the red biting ones, or the termites lol.

Cheers and thanks!


Cheers and !BEER

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Stephen and Marian's menagerie is flourishing, all free to roam not quite a zoo. Appears board and lodgings here are best offer in town. Residents definitely down go anywhere in a hurry.

Lovely array of wildlife frequenting the garden, some may end up eating the other, yes keeping that tummy full for cold spell and growth.

Hahaha, yes at times it is like the wild west out here, but I think that we can keep the menagerie going Lady Joan.

Blessings to your day!

A delightful post, Stephen! I guess snails will eat just about anything. Thanks for posting to the #featheredfriends community

Thank you milady,

I have never had a closer look at the eating habits of snails, but in this case the light allowed me to see the food entering their bodies and it was amazing.
Glad that you liked the post my friend!