High flyers and low flyers!

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In life this works exactly the same!

Watching the dizzying heights that the eagles, hawks and falcons reach, brought me to a point of comparisons to our lives as human beings.
We also have the high flyers and the low flyers, but everyone has a purpose in life.
In nature, a chicken doesn't strive to fly up high like an eagle, as a chicken is content with its own life. The difference in our human life is that everybody wants to be a high flyer!


High and gracious they cleave effortlessly through the sky!


This little dove looks just as great in flight, but he cannot fly as high and as effortlessly as the eagles.


Watch the aero-dynamics of this Harrier Hawk as he swoops low in a dive!

IMG_8872 2.JPG

And the clumsiness of the Egyptian goose as he comes in for a crash landing!

What I am talking about here today is that as long as each of us continue to do our best here on Hive, then we have no need to cast aspersions on other members. We often read complaints about the names on the high flying trending pages and I am sure that everyone longs to be on the trending page.
The secret in life is to be happy with who we are and just to continue doing the things that make us happy.


Aero-dynamics? This goose has no idea what it is, but he does everything in his natural ability to do what he does!

IMG_3687 2.JPG

Shame! This is the worst take-off that I have ever seen this lady perform. I think that she was in two minds here. To jump in frustration and to scream at her husband at the same time!
"Harry" she shouted, "You spend all of your time on Hive, why are you not on the trending page"?


Softly and calmly he whispered to her; "Sally my love, I am a happy fella as I have you and soon we will have some babies again. That's all that I want in life"!

Gratitude is a great help in life and comparing ourselves to others is and was never of any benefit to us. We are each special beings that received individual talents and it's in the development of our own talents that we find happiness. We are social creatures and we should grant everyone else their own place in the sun.
Sadly so many of us never develop those talents and this leads to bitterness and spitefulness.

Be contented in whatever situation we are and then progress will start to take place. Discontent breeds disappointment!

Note: All photos are my own, unedited and only cropped for uploading.
Camera used; Canon Powershot SX60HS

We hope that you have enjoyed the pictures and thank you for visiting a post by @papilloncharity

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@papilloncharity you are right ! We human being always want to fly so high that we always forget our origin. I have seen people who can do anything to have money. This is bad. Everybody cannot be rich , some will be rich and some will be poor. We can always move at our own pace. It's not right to look at other peoples life, they have theirs and we have ours. Life is an individual race.
Thanks for sharing this piece.

What great shots and a good post :)
I agree so many want to be a high flyer, but so few want to be the workers that make the high flyer slide as easy as they want it to be doing all the menial jobs they don't want to do

Yep, you do indeed have a full understanding of what I was talking about JJ.
Short cuts have many dead ends!

Wonderful action shots! Everyone flies high, in their own way!

Thank you dear and oh yeah, they fly as high as they were meant to!

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A kind thank you for the notice!

You are so very welcome my friend ❤️🙂

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Amazing birds in flight and a lovely message to go with it!
It is an inspiration to me to keep trying for those birds in flight photos for I find them fascinating and beautiful!
Thanks for sharing!

As with your moon shots, you will be sure to get the birds in flight photos my friend.
You know that I wish only the best for you.
Blessings and thank you!