Fussy lunchtime gatecrashers!

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We ordered toasted cheese and tomato sandwiches and this little Cape White Eye (Zosterops virens) arrived.

Life is too serious, so come and laugh with us!

There were two of them, but not enough space here to show the antics of the other one. I will do her in a separate post.
This one above is the brave little guy.
Did I tell you that he was a cute little fussy bugger?
Come and have a look!

So, he popped down on the table to see if he will be welcome!
There are 30 tables at the place, but they picked our one and must be that they heard about us always feeding 🤣

Here he started to push his luck, saying "Hi. what's up guys"

"Oooh"! Marian drooled and held out her hand with some bread crumbs for him.
He, looked at her and said: "What?" "Bread crumbs, do you think that I am a cheapskate sparrow"?

So, he popped around to see on the menu what we ordered!

Ah! He jumped onto Marian's plate for a closer inspection.

Here he quickly tied his one loose shoe lace!

Jumped up onto the sandwich and plucked out a lump of cheese!
Just like that and we were both wide eyed at this little imposter!

Look at this cheesy (cheeky) bugger!
We were so close to him sitting at he table, that we could have touched him., but I think that he was wearing a pair of "No Fear" underpants 🤣

So, he popped up into the branches above us and Marian immediately made a plan to put little pieces of cheese aside for them in the plate that our eating spanners (fork and knives) were on.
The other timid one was happy with this arrangement and she also danced across the table to the plate of cheese.
Yes, of course the cheeky one also returned!

And That's All Friends!

Note: All photos are my own, fresh and taken today.
The camera used is a Canon Powershot SX60HS

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I have never seen the tiny little white-eye come so close to people, ever!

Now that is something new for the record books as well, a bird that like toasted cheese, well the cheezy part.

Had you not photographed this event I would have said "never", well done once again on capturing a wonderful story frame, by frame Stephen.

Enjoyed the sandwich I hope once you had left a little to the side for Mr and Mrs?

@tipu curate

Thank you Lady Joan and the nearest that the scared little White eyes ever came to me, was at the other end of our garden.
So yes, we were gobsmacked at the bravery of this little guy.

His wife was the timid one, but of course we sorted her out by moving the empty cutlery plate away from us with some nice pieces of cheese for her.
Here she is!


She was a real little cutie and the table is about 1 meter by 1 meter, so she was close, but not as close as her daring husband, as he ate right next to Marian's hand holding the bread crumbs 🤣

Blessings and thank you for the tip my friend.
Unfortunately I have no BEERS left!

Totally amazed at how they came down like this, treat to remember for a long time. Evidence in photography too, excellent stop for lunch break.

Definitely will go back to that same table Lady Joan, just to make sure that it wasn't a dream lol.
My fear is that someone will try to nab that little one, or the waiters will try to get rid of it!

Not shy at all! Beautiful bird! 😁

Thank you and they never behave like this, so it was a great surprise for us!

such a cute little fella.

Thank you my friend and he was a real cutie!

So precious!!!!
I have never seen such a thing,
except of course the pigeons at St. Mark's square, are in San Francisco, and here!

Thank you and it was indeed a precious experience my friend.
Never happened to us before and we were simply amazed at that tiny little bird's daring.

Yeah pigeons all over are like that, but to see a tiny little wild bird do this was simply amazing.
So, in the future when we go to that wine farm, we will sit at the same table 🤣

Did I ever tell you that all animals talk to each other, Zac?

Now, that's the evidence that these beautiful little birds, which have never seen you before, have already heard about you, my friend 😊

Cheers and !BEER

You know what you are talking about Hannes.
Marian had the crumbs in her hand and as she put it down under the table two Cape Sparrows arrived to eat the crumbs.
So, it could be the same sparrows from our house and they must have told the white eyes that we are easy pickings for a meal 🤣

That was just so cute my friend and even just lading on the back of one of the chairs was unbelievable. I had the camera next to me and took a photo thinking that he would fly away, but then the little guy jumped onto the table and the fun started!
That wine farm is any photographers dream and look at what I got there amongst others before we sat down there!

A young Cape Sugarbird female (Promerops cafer)

The male's tail is twice that length!

Cheers and thanks!

Of course these were your sparrows which were on a visit there, and they have told the other birds they don't need to be scared of you. They have told them that you two always help and feed any animal 😊

Your flowers and your animals are so beautiful, but I think I have said that quite a few times before ;)

Cheers and !BEER

Yep, those sparrows will have to attend a disciplinary meeting over here in the garden Hannes.
The same type of meetings that the naughty politicians have to attend 🤣

We will have to tell them not to dissemenate our zoo feeding secrets 🤣
The fine will be 5 breadcrumbs less in their food.

So, if you see any skinny sparrows, you will know that they have had many fines and they must not be trusted 🤣

And I have thanked you every time my friend 🙏

Cheers and thanks!

Oh well, in that case I can tell you that our sparrows here don't talk - they well fed and not skinny at all, as well as our politicians are 😂

Cheers and !BEER

Hahaha, either the sparrows act like politicians, or the politicians act like sparrows 🤣

Let's hope that the politicians don't teach the sparrows how to lie professionally 🤣

Cheers and thanks!

To me the politicians act like sparrows - they are everywhere where they can fill their stomach, and they don't care what they eat or where it's from ;)

Cheers and !BEER

Not over here my friend.
They steal the taxpayers money to go on luxury cruises and free flights all over the planet.
Wear only the very best and they spend an average person's annual salary amount on only one of the many parties that they have. I don't even want to talk about their top of the range luxury cars.

Cheers and thanks!

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Your reputation for sharing definitely preceded you! That is really amazing. ❤️

Oh yes, it seems that the birds have their own "grapevine" that they use for communications milady.
We were so amazed at this that I cannot tell you. Shocked I think!


Whoa! The bird is not at all afraid of you!😮 She decided to treat yourself to sandwich😁

Oh yes and were totally surprised my friend, as those birds never come close to people!

Haha...that is so funny and cheeky a brave little bird at that , but then animals can sense good people you made me laugh this is so cool 🤣

Thank you for the kind words and it was indeed an amazing experience!
Glad that I got a laugh out of you 😁

My pleasure @papilloncharity i showed this to a couple of people they couldn't believe there eyes 😱

Thank you and I think that it's a once in a lifetime occurance my friend.
Blessings and !BEER

Definitely a once in a lifetime occurrence a video of that would of sold for good money to a advertising company 😆

I am going back there and let's hope that it will happen again, then I will for sure get it on video!

Wouldn't that be awesome to see that again birds have good memories you never know your luck let us know how it goes i have someone who would be interested in buying videos like that.

Hahaha, as you know it will be a long shot, but one never knows what nature plans for us.
At times things happen only once and I see them as messages.
But we will see how it goes as I plan to go there on Thursday again, there is a charity close by that Papillon supports!

So brave this cheeky bugger is. Unbelievable how well he served himself. 😅

The surprise of the year my friend. These little birds are allergic to humans and everyone at the place was juust as surprised as we were.
But it was a great honor indeed.