Checking with an evil eye!


"Say cuz, you can certainly ask for permission to take a photo of me".

Imagine the reaction of a small animal, or a rodent when they see that face diving down upon them.
I was trapped in our car as although I could stop for a moment, I couldn't get out, so I had to take what I could get.
Come and see.

This guy with the forlorn look here is an adult Jackal Buzzard (Buteo rufofuscus).

And here he turned his head to look at me with his other eye.

Look at that face and I think that I am going to have a nightmare or two.

He took off and drat, I was trapped in the car so this was the best that I could get. But I have posted them in flight before.

To compensate for my poor Buzzard flight picture, here's one taken from the wikipedia source below'
Jackal_Buzzard_Taking_Flight (2).jpg
The jackal buzzard (Buteo rufofuscus) is a fairly large African bird of prey. The taxonomy of this species has caused some confusion in the past and it almost certainly belongs in a species complex with other African Buteo species.

So, I have shown you another of my favorite birds and at one time on an apple farm, we rescued a young one, so yes I like these fighters of the air.
They are endemic to South Africa and non-migratory birds, although they can also be found in our neighboring countries.
In our case here, they are mountain birds.

And That's All Friends!

Note: all photos except the last one is my own and taken with a Canon Powershot SX60HS Bridge camera.

We hope that you have enjoyed the story and the pictures.

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Sort: the last one in flight captured from below...! ❤️

Thank you milady and yes, that is indeed one beautiful photo. 💗

This is a majestic bird and that look is fierce. 😀

Thank you Lady Neli, yes and one can see that he is an old warrior.
We have entered the winter season now and when Spring arrives in a couple of months, there will be many Buzzard youngsters up in the air again.

Cheers and !BEER

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