Birds at the ocean!

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Another very hot day here 33 Celsius and I thought to bring you some sea shots. This guy is a juvenile Kelp Gull (Larus dominicanus)

For all of my friends in the snow, may this post bring the memories of summer heat as a reminder to you that the sun will shine again. For all of us in the heat, find some refreshing moments in the sea water.
Come and have a look!

Just a lovely breaking wave here to show you where we are.

I have posted about this Kelp Gull before and his foot is permanently disabled.

Some beach action here by the young Kelp Gull's.

They must all have been born from the same egg nest and have now formed a gang.

The intelligence of the birds is on show here, as they all crowd at the deep end of this old jetty to avoid the breaking waves.

Drat! This bonus came along on our way back, but the traffic was heavy and I couldn't stop the car.
This is a "Harrier Hawk" (Gymnogene) (Polyboroides typus)

We are having very hot days here in South Africa and the sun's Ultra Violet (UV) rays stay in the danger zone. So, it is not very wise to go out at the peak sun times and one has to furtively dodge around to find shade.
But like a friend said, even the shade is hot.
At 10am in the morning the wild animals disappear to go and hide and they only emerge in the late afternoon.
We do the same hahaha.

And That's All Friends!

I leave you with something to think about!

“Health is the new wealth. Happiness is the new rich. Inner peace is the new success. Kindness is the new cool.” —Syed Balkhi

Note: All photos are my own and taken with a Canon Powershot SX60HS Bridge camera.

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33 degrees there and minus 22 here. The variation is quite large and the scenery is definitely different. There is not much wildlife to see during the day, but by the look of the tracks in the snow, a fox was chasing a rabbit or two through the garden last night :)

Oh man, ideal for night shots, but I am struggling with my low light settings. We have trimmed all of the palm tree branches below the hanging fruit level and when they ripen the giant bats will be back at night.

Maybe you can wait up for that fox, as he is sure to hunt in your area.

Yes, you are right, as it's a wide difference in temperatures and scenery. I saw that Austria is down to -30C and it's amazing how all of you can live in that cold, especially you that comes from Aus. A huge difference and one can only look in wonder at how our bodies can acclimatize.

Night shots are hard, especially trying to catch a fox. I have met her though a couple weeks ago and I now know what a fox says.

Do the bat's leave a mess? Back in Australia they would have particular trees they liked to gather and all the locals knew not to park under them. The tourists did not.

Hahaha, so you took a leaf out of my book and you know what the fox says?

No, we are lucky, as a neighbor across the road has a huge old Cork tree in his garden. So the bats gather there and they fly across to raid the palm tree in the front garden of our house.

I drove on beach road (strand) yesterday and saw so many of these on the waves due to the beach being closed! It is truly amazing and I wish I had my camera!

Four (two kids and two adults) Cape Spurfowls visited the shade of our avocado tree. It was so hot even they just chilled in the freshly dug holes in the ground.

Hahaha, I go nowhere withou my camera my friend. Even to the doctor's rooms and there's a story here, as I dicovered that his wife is a great artist and I did a post long ago about her paintings.

Yeah, those Spurfowls pop in here occasionally, but no kids and they only stay for a short while.
Wonderful how the birds can find safe havens for their kids.

Have a !BEER

Sorry for only replying now! Been so busy the last couple of days.
It is awesome to hear other peoples talents! I try to paint when I can, but I'm more comfortable with my pencils and charcoal.
The guinea fowls come here daily almost. I was lucky to see the chicks grow up almost daily!

No problem my friens, as we are all busy souls.
I admire art, but cannot even draw a pencil (ambidextry) hahaha.
It pained us to see how the guinea fowl chicks reduced in number every day on the farm due to the raptors.

Cheers and !BEER

We were on the golf course yesterday and saw a group of twenty-plus! Even though there are loads of birds of prey. So hopefully their numbers get back up!

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Hey @fermentedphil, here is a little bit of BEER from @papilloncharity for you. Enjoy it!

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oh, you've special gulls there, here in Russia they look different;) but there are a lot of them, in any season, and they always steal food of other birds while feeding them:)

Thank you and yes, we also have many of all kinds here, as some of them come for our summer.
Very hot here and the birds love the heat.
Gulls are natural robbers my friend 🤣

Excellent birdwatching and photos!

Thank you kindly!

Have a !BEER

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