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It seems like every afternoon right now we get a visit from these birds foraging in our yard. This time I grabbed my camera and went out to see what I could capture. Here are the results with a little Google research to find the names. 😀

Varied Thrush

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This guy was busy foraging until he heard something that concerned him and went on alert.

Northern Flicker

I appear to have caught this ones attention as he turns to look at me.

Downy Woodpecker

Unfortunately my camera battery died and by the time I returned with a fresh one this woodpecker had flown across the street. Not the close up I had hoped for but still a decent shot.

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Photos taken by me, @oldmans, with a Nikon D3300/Tamron 70-300mm zoom and some Lightroom post processing.

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Thanks for looking and enjoy your day!

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A lovely selection of birds! Thanks for posting to the #featheredfriends community

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Nice shots !

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