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A spring walk around Bend Oregon a few days ago led me to some feathered friend photography. Armed with just my standard 18-55mm lens on my Nikon D3300 here is what I was able to capture.

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Since I didn't have my telephoto lens with me I went ahead and cropped this shot down quite a bit to get a "close up". I did notice that this guy was wearing a little jewelry by sporting an ankle bracelet. 😀


This is an image to give you a little idea of where these geese were hanging out. We are walking across a bridge over the Deschutes River. This part of the river has a small dam that forms the slack water you see here called Mirror Pond. Aptly named I might add. The little park on the far right is where the geese were.

As we got closer they started to take notice of us but didn't really show much concern with our presence.

They walked toward the river like they were going to jump in but never did. I think these geese must be pretty used to people. I usually can't get this close to them without them flying off or swimming away.

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In the end I was able to get to within about 3 feet of this guy to get this picture. After that I gave him my thanks and we contimued on with our walk. 😀

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Photos taken by me, @oldmans, with a Nikon D3300 and some Lightroom post processing.
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Beautiful scenes, you're always filling me with envy when you share your nature shots lol. Nice to get up close and personal with those geese to get some pictures, especially being their true selves.

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Thank you!

The last geese I photographed in January were a few hundred yards away. Luckily I had my telephoto lens that day. :)

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You took such a beautiful photo of the landscape that I wanted to be a goose and live there 🙌🏼🤧

Thank you! It is a beautiful area. Fall can be particularly spectacular when the leaves change color. 😀

I haven’t really experience the autumn season. The closest time I got was when I visited Seoul when summer’s about to end. Some leaves were turning yellow and orange at that time. How I wish I was able to see the landscape during autumn 😌 You should print out the photo, it will look great as a post card 🤗

Wow, Mirror Pond is awesome! Cool, unique shot with the ankle bracelet; I wonder who is tracking him.

I wonder who is tracking him.

I'm not sure. I tried zooming in to see if I could see anything but only got a couple numbers.

Beautiful location and beautiful shots, upvoted!

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Thank you!

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