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If you remember I had a post about how I joined the Great Backyard Bird Count. It was some two months ago and I promised to tell in advance if another similar event will take place. Next in the row is The Global Big Day - 8th of May. Everyone can take part and it is so very easy. You can do bird counting from home or to go somewhere where you can spot birds. All you have to do is to report in eBird. It is easy to register and to create your own check list. This link is giving the basic guidance - Global Big Day and I recommend to see it if you would like to be part of this event. You don't need to be a photographer, it is all about observing and counting and if you have a local group of birders you may consider joining.

I, for sure will be spending most of that day out. Hopefully the weather will be nice and sunny, Till then I expect more birds to come from south and it would be interesting to compare the results from the Great Backyard Bird Count.

Till then I will continue to practice with the camera, because I will not just count, I will photograph what I will see.

And now, I will share some photos I took of the common buzzards today. I took photos of other birds too, but I will save them for another post.



Seeing raptor is not as exciting as when I first saw it, now they are constantly present and moreover, they are many and different species. Today I have photos of buzzards only. They were six of them circling above my head.



Something interesting we have observed. During the week there were massive flocks of storks and pelicans flying above our area. They were followed by many raptors. Not just buzzards, but hawks, marsh harriers, even eagles. Well, that is what I wish to photograph - an eagle.



The birds of prey are mostly high in the sky, but when they are lower, then I could have photos as these with some more details.



When I was almost having neckache, the buzzards moved away.



Early this morning some other birds appeared and disturbed everything. A roar which I could not determine where it came from and until I took the camera, five helicopters have just passed above our block.


They looked like giant mosquitoes. Here is a cropped one.


Later in the afternoon another five helicopters, could be the same, passed but in front and a bit far. I could not get them all in one frame.



And that's all for now.
Remember to check the contest post - Show Me A Photo and if you have photos of mating birds I would love to see your entry.. Check when the post payout is, you still got a day for submitting entries. Tomorrow new round willl be opened. Stay tuned for the new theme.


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!discovery 15 niceee shoottttsss

Thank you! This is so nice of you. ☺

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Great captures ! I can understand how all of this leads to a neckache ! 😅

Thanks Barbara! ☺
I was looking up for quite some time and trying to snap as many photos as possible.


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Thank you so much!

It takes patience and focus to snap something like this. You had your time taking shots of these birds and also captured helicopters. They looked so beautiful in the sky.

Thank you!
I could add also luck - to be on the right place at the right time.

Those hawks must have done something pretty drastic to have the military black helicopters and drones chasing them :-)

Hahaha, probably. 😀
By the way, tnis morning at the same time, the helicopters were heading same direction.

The hawks have fooled them again :-)

Clever birds, aren't they? 😀

They are really good at flying off right as I have the camera focused on them.

Yay! 🤗
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You have a very interesting neighborhood, mine is totally boring hehehe, love those buzzards!

Yes, it is. Same with my work place, but I have so little time when I am at work.