Round 2 Winners of the Show Me a Photo Contest in Feathered Friends Community

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What a thrill to see your entries in the second week/round of the Show me a photo contest in Feathered Friends Community. The theme was Bird on Wire. There were ten entries. Again you have provided very nice examples of different birds you have observed.

And now I am pleased to announce the winner is:
@pardinus with the photo of bird taken in Sri Lanka.

👉Hanging on wires - Show Me A Photo Contest Round 2👈

Followed by:

@eolianpariah with the mynas

👉my entry bird on wire contest titled rising above👈

@redheadpei with the small hummingbird.

👉Bird On A Wire Contest: Hummingbirds👈

I would like to thank all participants, thank you for your entries @sallybeth23, @isabelpena, @my451r, @mk992039, @leylar, @gurseerat and @oks2crypto. Your have all wonderful photos of birds on wire.

Thank you very, very much Feathered Friends Community and @melinda010100 for sponsoring the contest!

The new theme you can find here. Check it out, I am excited what your new entries will be! Please read carefully the rules. Do not forget to put in the title of your post that it is an entry of the contest and to leave a link in the comment section of the theme announcement post.


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Oh! Love these winner choices! Congratulations to @pardinus @eolianpariah and @redheadpei

I thought all the bird on a wire entries were great and they made me realize that now that all our neighborhood wires have been buried underground that my photo opportunities for this theme were quite limited!

All entries were wonderful. 🤗
I thought that we also have wires underground, but there are some still above and always birds are perching on them.

Thank you @melinda010100! Already scouting my photos for the next contest! 😉

Congrats on Winning last week! I can't wait to see what you've got this time!

Congratulations tonthe winners...
Thank you Feathered Friends Community and @melinda010100 for sponsoring the contest!

I expecting to see your entry for the next round.😦

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Thank you so much!

congrats_purple_cow.png to all 😊

and bravo @nelinoeva for this second edition ! 😉

Chers for more to come!

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Wow, thank you! And congratulations to the other winners!

Most welcome!

Wonderful entries. I’m happy to be included.💞

You are most welcome! 🤗