New birds in our neighborhood

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Every time I see and manage to photograph a new bird, I am so delighted. The number of birds I see in the neighbourhood increased with three more. The wren and the chaffinch I saw yesterday and the lesser whitethroat I spotted earlier this summer.

I will start with the wren. It is the tiniest bird I have seen by far. It is about 9-10 cm long.



It has small round body and the tail is raised almost vertical. Very cute little birdie, often found in shrubs.

The other bird I was pleased to find is the chaffinch, which is the fourth kind of finch in my area after the greenfinch, goldfinch and hawfinch.




This is male chaffinch with blue-grey cap and rusty breast and underparts. At first I thought it was a sparrow as there were bunch of them on the near trees, but I am glad I stopped to make few shots as it appeared a new bird for me.

The third bird, the lesser whitethroat, I think I haven't shown yet. This is another small passerine bird, that I have mistaken for a flycatcher. There are so many small birds that looked alike, but only from a distance.


It is not surprising that I keep on finding new birds. There are more than 400 birds in Bulgaria. Some are migratory, others live here all the time. I have photographed about 30, give or take. This is a small fraction from the total. I heard owls which never could see nor to photograph. And I am sure I will find some more new birds in our area. Living in concrete jungle, it is such a pleasure to have for neighbours feathered friends.


Thank you for viewing.

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what an interesting little bird

With its round body it is like a little feathered ball. 😀

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Thank you very much for your kind support!

Wonderful photos of more of your local birds! I love watching those noisy little wrens!

Thanks Melinda ❤
The wren is such a lovely bird.


Thank you very, very much!