❤ Love Swans ❤

in hive-106444 •  2 months ago  (edited)

Are you ready for another swan photo session? And since it is the day of love, what better than the couple of swans in a shape of heart, kind of.




Happy Valentine's Day!



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Good shots! Not a perfect heart... but who needs perfect anyway? 😉

Oh, the beauty in imperfection 😉😀
Thank you for stopping by!

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A perfect #featheredfriends Valentines Day! Your swans are delightful and I'm resteeming them! ❤️ !tip

Thank you Melinda! 💕
I am so glad you like them.

If you add the UpFundMe tag you could put them over in general-posts too!

Oh dear, I did put the link this morning in the general-posts that had no such tag. Guilty.
But I know now, thank you!

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An excellent idea for today!
Happy Valentine Day ❤

Glad you like it!
Have a wonderful day! 💕

They're beautiful photographs and perfect for today. Happy Friday!

Happy Ftiday! And thank uou for your kind words. 😀

b83996.png happy Valentine @nelinoeva !

These swans are wonderfuly shaping the heart...marvelous !

Always a pleasure to see your lovely comments, thank you ❤

Happy day and weekend to you.

How come they are not white? 💕

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They are young birds that will become white when they are adult.

Have a wonderful weekend! ❤

Thank you I wish you the same 💕

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Ahhhh....to cute and happy valentine day to you ❤️

Aww, thank you my friend! ❤
Have a lovely weekend! 😀

Your most welcome and you have a great weekend also ❤️ ❤️