Featheredfriends - Unknown Bird

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I wish I can tell you something about this bird, but I could not find any information. So, can anybody tell me what kind of bird it is?


I found it during my holiday in Thailand in a park.


I could approach it so I can have clear shot.


Nonetheless I have cropped the images to get better view.



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It is a beauty! I'm resteeming it and hope someone else at #featheredfriends knows!

Thanks Melinda, I hope so, it would be nice to know.

Wow! Beautiful markings! Excellent photos!

It looks most like a Common Woodshrike or a female Oriental Magpie-Robin @nelnoeva

Our animal lover friend and resident of Thailand @hangin might know!

Thank you Nina, it looks like Oriental Magpie-Robin when I looked at the pictures in the net.
@hangin what do you think?

You're welcome, Neli! Enjoy your Sunday!💫

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FROM THE CURATOR (@aakashsinghbais):
Looks like some kind of robin...@melinda010100.
Anyways, good job!!
Keep it up!

Have a nice day!


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