Feathered Friends - Show Me A Photo Contest Round 5

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Hello Feathered Friends Lovers

Round 4 of the Show Me A Photo Contest in Feathered Friends Community is over and shortly the winners will be announced in a separate post.

Let's start the new week and new month with something small. The theme is:


How small you may ask. Small as a sparrow, finch, tit, hummingbird, ducklings or chicken.... It all depends where you live and what birds you encounter.

My sample photos include chaffinch, robin and wren.

The length of the body of common chaffinch is 14-16 cm.

The robin is slightly smaller 12-14 cm.

And the wren is 9.5 cm

Now is your turn - show me some small bird or birds. It is not easy and you may have more birds in one photo, which is OK and valid entry. All my photos of small birds are cropped. So you can do the same.

Show me your photo of a bird, following these rules:

  • The photo must be your own.
  • Post in the community Feathered Friends
  • You may add more photos, but you should state which one is your entry, otherwise the first will be taken into account.
  • Tell us something about your photo/s.
  • Your photo must follow the weekly theme, which will be announced each Sunday.
  • Please put the link of your entry in the commment section of the contest post here.
  • Put in the title of your post that this is an entry for the contest.

Last, but not least - have fun!

If you create quality post with more images and interesting story about them, you could be nominated for OCD upvote. Making extra effort can give you bigger upvotes.

Next Sunday new theme will be announced along with the wiiners of this round.

I have great news. Our beloved Feathered Friends Community and @melinda010100 generously increased the rewards and we are giving 15 Hives in total.
🥇First prize now is 5 Hive
🥈Second prize is 4 Hive
🥉Third - 3 Hive.
🏅There will be three honourable mentions with 1 Hive each.

Huge thank you Feathered Friends Community and @melinda010100!

Feathered Friends Community is grateful to all who set the community as beneficiary on their posts. If you like to help the community, you may also donate HP to @hive-106444. Your suppor will help building higher VP and higher votes on your posts.

All comments written on Feathered Friends, Shadow Hunters, and Ladies of Hive Community posts receive staked ARCHON tokens.


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Thank you for viewing.



खुबसूरत चिड़िया 👌👌👌

Thanks for stopping by, would you like to join the contest?

Hello, how interesting, just yesterday I took some photos of a very common bird in my island, wait for my participation.Greetings from Margarita, Venezuela.

Wonderful, I am looking forward to seeing your photos! ☺

Lovely, off to see your entry. ☺

Tweet. Sounds like a pretty, little chirpy chirping challenge! 😃

Exactly, could not say it better. 😉

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Greatly appreciated!

Fun theme! I'll be looking forward to seeing the entries this week!

Hope it will not be too difficult. ☺

I don't think it will be hard at all!

How lovely to see your entry with colibri!

I would love to see the entries! Good luck to all!

I am thrilled to see what photos will be submitted.
Have you got photos of a small bird?

Oh, @nelinoeva... I live in a perfect place, the downside is there are no birds except pigeons!
I was able to participate twice, and that is it. Unfortunately, I cannot participate, nor can I compete with all the lovely photos being shown!
But I enjoy these challenges!



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Thank you very much! ☺

Aways a pleasure my friend!

How tweet!! Sweet! Sweet! Lovely bird shots!

Thank you Denise for stopping by! ❤
I am expecting loads of sweet birds.

Hi @marito74, thanks for the entry. ☺

I'm very excited for this contest, I love the itty bitty birds theme, now to choose which one I'll enter.

Wonderful! I am excited to see what you have to show us. ☺

Thank you very much for your entry!

this purple sunbird is my contest entry with the theme small bird


This is incredibly shiny birdie. ☺
Thanks for your entry,

thank you for the work you do to keep this contest so interesting

Thanks for your entry! ☺

My pleasure to support.

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Thanks for your entry!

So nice to see your entry. ☺


hi! here is my entry, with a brief story attached.

Lovely bird! ☺
Thank you for your entry.

Here is my entry for feathered friend-show me a photo contest.


Thanks for entering the contest!

Small Birds

![image.png](UPLOAD FAILED)

Thanks for your entry.

for you

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This is my entry for the contest with a few extra photos in the post



Lovely to see your bird photos! ☺
Thank you for entering the contest.

I can't wait until spring comes here again so I can get more bird photos.

Me too. ☺

I have an entry for this weeks contest with a theme of small birds at: https://peakd.com/hive-127788/@porters/wednesday-walk-showing-feathered-friends-for-show-me-a-photo-contest-theme-small-birds
the smallest bird around our place this time of year is the redpoll but i posted about others too.

close up redpoll on branch.JPG

I accidentally posted it to the Amazing nature community but I cross posted to the Feathered Friends community - I hope that is alright.

This is a new bird for me, thanks for your entry!

Thank you for joining the contest.

Beautiful photos here @nelinoeva

Thank you @sallybeth23
Hope to see your entry.

I have the utmost of respect and continue to be amazed by the talented bird photographers we have in the Feathered Friends Community! It's next to impossible for me to get a decent photo of a bird with my smartphone even though dozens stop by our birdfeeder for handouts on a daily basis. They fly away the second they see my movement anywhere near the window!🐦

Thank you Nina ❤
I am sure you can get nice photos. I must say I was lucky most of the time.

Thanks for lovely topic with all our young ones starting out at this time of the year. Here is my entry and thanks for support @nelinoeva

Feathered Friends Small Birds Contest Round 5

Thank you very much for your entry!

Just in time, thanks for your submission ☺

Close one! :) Always a pleasure to join!

Thank you for your entry ☺