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Recently I've got no luck with birds and I lack new photos, but I have made some shots days and weeks ago and they being still unpublished, come handy now.

I will start with some photos of greenfinch.


Usually I shoot from a distance and I am cropping and editing the photo afterwards. If it happens the bird to be close enough, then I have better chance to produce better quality image.


Postprocess allows to make the photo look different.


Also I am tempted to use filters and manipulate the image. Like this one I used in my post Photo Filters and Effect Contest Entry Week 18.


Click the image if you like to see the post.

The greenfinch is a small bird, size of a sparrow and easily found on top of the trees or shrubs . Otherwise I hardly can see them among the leaves. That is why most of my photos are with birds on top of trees. Once I saw greenfinch on particular tree I am almost certain I will see it again on the same place. Or at least to hear it. More often I spot them on evergreen shrubs.


The greenfinches I usually see in the local part. The other representative of the finch family - the goldfinch lives near my office. On the next photo I captured the bird feeding the younger one.


The rest of the photos did not come well. It is a shame, as there was a flock of goldfinches on the cherry tree and also on the ground. Although I have not much time I will bring the camera again when I am going to work and will steal five-ten minutes in the morning and hope to get better images. The lunch break allows me too to search for birds around the office, but this summer we experience extreme hot weather and it is not advisable to stay outside under the scorching sun. Besides the birds hide then and my search will be fruitless.


Now back in the local park, where the crows are as numerous as the sparrows and pigeons, two of them were rummaging the waste bin.



They can be rather naughty, spreading rubbish around.


And while I mentioned sparrows, here is a shot of the bird rolling in the dirt.


Being same colour as the dirt, sparrows sometimes is unnoticeable. But they can be also interesting subjects.




And although I am avoiding the pigeons, there are plenty of them, so occasionally I got some shots of them.


And I will finish with these images of pigeons and jackdaws sharing water.



And finally the jackdaws took control over the water source.


That's all for now. The images taken during diffent times but showing the diversity of birds living near me.


Thank you for viewing.

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Thank you, greatly appreciated!

What a lovely variety of birds over the months in your region, from big to small that all tell different stories.

Having a sand bath is always entertaining to watch them clambering around on their back scratch time removing pests.

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Thank you so much for your support!
We have some birds that usually I was ignoring and now I found them quite interesting, like the sparrows, from the small ones to the big seagulls. Seagulls I left for another post. 😀

The first one was quite a picturesque.. it looks like a hand made fine art until I realize it is actually very natural

Oh, thank you for your kind comment. That was my intention to give it a look of a drawing.

And you managed it perfectly....lovely set up to capture it beautifully

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Birds are amazing creatures also - never seen a sparrow roll around in the dirt before :)

When we say that somebody has a bird's brain as an insult, it is not quite right. Birds keep on amazing me with their behavior.
Thanks for stopping by!

I think it's just because birds are small that it is seen as an insult - it could have been any small animal I suppose :)

What interesting editing and a great collection of birds you have and that little sparrow rolling in the dirt never seen a bird do that what a precise capture nicely done 😊

Thank you! 😀
I am more interested in having them birdies in action, but not always the photos are sharp.

This would be nice but like you say they are not always easy to capture they are as hard as butterflies to capture but you seem to do a pretty good job 👍

Oh yes, butterflies are pain in the neck LOL. They never wish to cooperate. 😅

So right about that i think out of 100 photos of butterflies i take maybe i will get one good one 😂

Hahah that sparrow dust bath is hilarious.

The birds look so funny when they have bath either in water or dust 😀

They have to scratch off the mites lol.

That first image truly is a work of art! Love the edits and the sparrow dust bath! We have had so much rain that they would be covered in mud if they attempted to do that here. Thanks for sharing with The Feathered Friends Community

Thanks Melinda!
I have said that I had no luck with the birds lately and yesterday I found plenty goldfinches in the park. Soon I will show them. 😀

No rain here for quite some time. Birds find ways to clean themselves. Dust bath is just what they need. 😀

Can't wait to see your Goldfinch photos

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