Birdwatching, tell me if you know their names.

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Wow, I'm going to be honest, I'm really enjoying this sharing with you about birds in my city, not that I'm an expert, in fact, my knowledge is almost null about birds, what I do know, is to take pictures, and taking advantage of that I'm creating an archive that I will upload to some photography platforms, I can share with you some pictures that I really like.


To take these pictures I use my Canon T6 camera with the 55-250mm lens, I have to invest a lot of time to find a bird that catches my attention, surely you already know, to take these pictures I invested a whole afternoon, and several pictures that were wrong.


I only know that this bird is a type of flycatcher, in fact if someone knows its exact name and share it in the comments I would be very grateful, regarding the photograph, the bird was about 20 meters away, I had a tripod but with the movement of the bird is uncomfortable trying to focus, it is better to have the camera in hand and activate the stabilization of the lens.


Even following all possible tricks, they sometimes manage to get out of focus.



This type of photographs can be very commercial, especially with the edition, if you look at the colors are not saturated, and I tried to follow the same edition keeping the color of the bird, the truth is that in digital photography is very interesting to change certain colors that our brain when it sees that they don't match reality, spends more time to observe them to understand them and ends up liking, but this simple edition, also tends to like a lot.


This is another of many birds that I see and I don't know its name, I see that it has a beak like the woodpeckers, it took me by surprise, at that moment I was watching another bird that was among the branches of a tree, then I looked to my right side and that's when I saw it.



He was only there for a short time before he left, I hope to have the opportunity to take even better pictures of him.

All photographs are my property, taken by me, @monster-one

Thanks for watching my post, see you in the next one.

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Looking into your regional birds if these were photographed in Mexico.

Top one may be the Red warbler with the second being the Belted kingfisher, not really able to identify size which is not mentioned, excellent photography will be fun finding out more.

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Thanks, I will investigate to see if there are any birding groups in town so I can have more data.

Some very good online forums are available to assist in different regions, good luck and have fun finding out more.

There are lots of knowledgeable birdwatchers here. Always tell us your location and hints you can about the habitat that you found them in. That helps! Beautiful birds!

Thanks, I will try to add more information in the next posts.

You have found some really lovely birds to photograph.
I use Google Lens app for identifing birds and it is rather accurate. You may try it.
The first one looks like vermilion flycatcher and the second - some kind of kingfisher.

Oh thanks, is good to know.