The Swan That Patiently Waited.....

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The two-hour trekking last Sunday was indeed an adventure for my ailing feet, but I know it has done me good. In the long run, a bit of sport will improve my heel spurs as well as spine disorder. Being close to nature is always a good feeling. I never dream this far that we would live in such a short proximity to the National Park and that I am joyful for I love nature.


The Swan...

My topic for today is about my encounter with some birds particularly this swan in the images of this content. When I made the trail to the Josefsteg, I sometimes got inside the forest which was parallel to the swamp and I inspected the water which is now overtaken by lotus plants and reed....and there was this swan which I wasn´t aware of that it was there until it moved towards my direction.


I do not know the gender of the swan but it could be a female since it´s smaller in size. So I will call it a she... She was in front of me and waiting that I have something packed for her. It could be that she was used to being fed by park visitors and that must be the reason why she came forward. She is tamed and probably whenever she saw people, she would go near them in hope for food. But they are not actually hungry, they could feed themselves even without the human help.



She stayed for a while, looked at me and really waited and waited and waited....I told her , sorry I do not have food for you. As if she understood, she moved towards the left side and swiftly went away!


No Food...

The feeding of water birds are now prohibited in Vienna. Until last year, we could feed from November to March (Winter) but the feeding has consequences... I will post a separate content on this ans will explain why.


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Take care and keep safe everyone!


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