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RE: Show your support to the community and win rewards ! [ENG-FR]

in Feathered Friends10 months ago

What?!! ❤️Best surprise of the day, my friend. You have no idea how much I appreciate your support. That is so beautiful! I will be thrilled to see it being used! You are so generous!


i'm happy if you enjoy the surprise my dear Melinda ! 😊 I enjoy doing that for the community,
I had already much fun drawing the Wonkies in the past to sponsor @lenasveganliving weekly challenge 😊
Do you want to use the sticker ? 😉 (... or maybe you prefer to make your own footer )

The downvotes from that horrible ctime and any from that nasty mmmmkkk guy that you might receive are aimed at SBI not at you. I expect the SBI community will rally round and send some support your way.

Oh my, these guys are making a real job of discouragement everywhere, this is the side I do not understand here, why doing the same as in all societies, everybody wanting to judge and classify what is good and what is bad, when all of these notions are subjectives as hell,
why not living peacefuly without telling people how they should behave according to God, according to the government, or to the boss, to a breed, to an education, to their mother or to the pizza delivery guy...seriously ?

I'm really grateful to you that you noticed the downvote or my comment about it and took time to leave me this message, this is a support for me that I much appreciate my dear ! 😉 😘

I hate downvotes. They are such a discouragement. But these SBI downvotes have successfully created friendships with people I might not have ever met. And in the long run we will gain more from our sbi upvotes than any downvote damage they can do. They are arrogant jerks.

I love it and will be using it on my next post... I may even go back and add it to my last #featheredfriends post!

And just so you know.. You can give ESTM awards to everyone, even to people not currently using eSteem.(silly of them, I know!) Soon ESTM will be trading on Steem Engine and they will be in our Steemit wallets, too, I believe.
It is a great token to own!

I didn'think anybody might be able to receive it, but I also thought it could be incentive to look at the app and maybe adopt it 😉 ..ok, I will edit my post then and send ESTM to anybody will use the support sticker 😊

So, If you use the sticker you will be the first one I will send the ESTM and SBI then ! 🐥 🐦

I added it to my signatures on my last post! I love it, but I'm not sure I should be qualified as a winner, too! My prize is your wonderfully kind words and the sticker, too! (I sincerely wish I did know everything here, but suspect that has become impossible because there is so much happening on Steem!) I resteemed and tweeted this.

Ok that makes sense, I will not count you as a winner and I'll keep the place for another steemian then ! 😉
Thanks for the resteem and tweet, I want to see this community grow and I have an other community in mind, but maybe go sleeping is a better idea at midnight ....LoL

Go to sleep! See you tomorrow. And thank you SO much! 😘

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