Feathered Friends and dark dreary days

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The dark days that we have this time of year in Wisconsin doesn't make bird photography easy, but here are a few backyard birds this week.

This is only a portion of the flock of wild turkeys that wandered through the yard this week and paused to see if they could find a seed or two under the bird feeder. They were probably disappointed because the squirrels keep that area pretty clean!


Turkeys are very wary birds and it doesn't take long for them to be aware of me and my camera. This flock had approximately 30 birds, although they didn't stay around long enough for me to count them. They typically walk or run, but they are strong flyers and usually roost at night in tall trees.


Turkeys are native to North America and they were Benjamin Franklin's choice for our national bird, but the bald eagle won out!


These friendly little white breasted nuthatches are fun to watch at the feeders with their upside down antics!



The Northern Cardinals are the bright spots to the dreary days.

The Hairy Woodpecker wanted to get in the photo, too!




We got 7 inches of fresh snow last night and the feeders are busy this morning!

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by @barbara-orenya

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Thank you! 😘

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 37 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks, Pix

The turkeys are happy they survived past thanksgiving :-)

I prefer mine farm raised, so they are safe here! 😁

Just think how much cooler everything would have been with the majestic turkey as our national symbol. Thanksgiving would have held so much more symbolism!

That's a prettty large flock, you've got. Do you usually have that many of them waddling around? We used to have a flock of around 20 near my parents' home, but this year there only seem to be five "ladies." No telling where the gents are. Probably straightening feathers for courtship.

There is a neighbor up the road who puts out corn for them, so they are most often seen up there and it's become a bit more rare for them to be in my yard. As the river freezes over I expect to see them more often in my yard because my spring and creek never freeze.

Could we eat the national bird? 🤣

the top one looks extremely sympatico in black-and-white mode. !TAN

Thanks! It's too bad they won't let me arrange their positions for a better portrait opportunity! Everyone face the camera please.. Look a little to the left....

heh, you should speak birds language, to ask that, right? :P

Talk turkey! It is a North American idiom that means to discuss something frankly and straightforwardly.

"she promised to go talk turkey with the representatives"

o-o! nice to know this. idioms arent my long suit. thanks for educating me, Melinda! I am always up for this kind of a lesson - !ENGAGE 20

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You sure have lots of birds visiting you.

The last photo is awesome. The little red bird stood out beautifully in the backdrop of branches.

Happy New Year Melinda! Let's all hope that it will be a better year for all.

I love the life they bring into my backyard! I could sit and watch then for hours.

I can imagine. 😊

I like the first photo with the turkeys and the snow. Thanks for sharing

Thanks! It has been snowing a lot and we have a foot and a half/ 45cm of snow on the ground.

I live in the plains in Northern Italy, it hasn't snowed yet.

I've been in the mountains in Northern Italy but have never had an opportunity to explore your country. It is fun to explore the world with the tours you can find here on Hive!

How interesting it turns out. The birds eat from the feeder, and if they drop the seeds, then the squirrels pick them up. Self-cleaning system.😀
Cardinals are real beauties! A bright spot in the middle of a solid background. In Siberia, this position is occupied by bullfinches.

Your bullfinches are beautiful and I can see why they would be a bright spot during the winter! No seeds go to waste here!

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