New images of Island nest


I have recently got a new phone, the Samsung20 note and with it a pretty powerful camera which is awesome!


I decided to go past the wet lands again and see if I could get a better image of our black Swan who has built their nest in safety on the middle of the island in a lake.


Oh my! Have a look at that, such a better image and detail. You can see the lengths this Swan has gone to to keep their babies safe.


I'm not sure if these eggs will hatch as it is now past birthing season but I'm not sure if it will matter given that it is spring and the weather is still relatively ok.


Only time will tell and hopefully soon we will have a few more baby black swans near our home.



The black swan's have a nice spot there.

Makes me think of a castle surrounded by a moat

It is a pity that the photo was not very clear because it is a great specimen of swan, I think they are not very common in this color. It looks beautiful!

In Australia we have black swans. Have a look at my blog you will get to see some other awesome posts.

I think your new phone takes great photos, considering how far away that nest is! Those are wise parents, building a nest in a spot they can defend! Thanks for posting to the #featheredfriends community!

I know right such an awesome location and I am wondering how they will fair getting out.

New phone camera is awesome!

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Awesome pictures of mama swan, I'm crossing my fingers in hope they will hatch.

Awesome pictures of mama swan, I'm crossing my fingers in hope they will hatch.