My Entry Feathered Friends - Show Me A Photo Contest Round 3 - Two Birds Australian Native Cape Barron Goose

Good evening Feathered friends I hope you're having a wonderful day, it's getting late here in the land of Oz and as I set off to bed I wanted to add my entry into the awesome Feathered Friends contest Show me a photo - Two Birds. I think @galenkp might be interested as these birds are native to South Australia.

I recently shared these images in a pinmapple map of a time I took lil miss 3 to Serendip Sanctuary below is her experience of first witnessing the birds and she was stunned by them. Its amazing how children take in the world around us and how special everything is to them.


The above photo is my entry

So abit about the birds.

The Cape Barron Goose has its name derived from where it was first found Cape Barron Island in South Australia. European explorers were once again taken a back by the fauna that in habited Australia and everything to them was like lil miss 3 seeing these birds for the first time. A experience in itself.


European Explorers perceived this goose to be a prehistoric version of the modern goose or as they called it a "true goose" catchy name.

The Cape Barron Goose grows to a maximum of 100cm and weighs upto 7kgs a very decent sized meal 🤪 its wing span is 150cm making it one of the larger breeds of geese on the planet.

They also have a rare ability to drink salty sea water and no need for fresh water meaning they can populate islands or remain out at sea for indefinite periods so long as they don't become lunch for orca whales or sharks which also inhabit Australian waters.

The Cape Barron Goose was almost driven to extinction by explorers who readily hunted and ate the birds. Fortunately the Cape Barron Goose is able to be bread in captivity and will mate and successfully breed inland if provided enough open space and wet lands.

A unique bird that once again provides an in sight into the unique world we reside in, in the land down under. Not sure if this bird will fight or kill you but everything else in Australia does so just be careful if approaching.


That is something I see for the first time.☺
But you have so many unique creatures in the land of Oz.

Zoo's in Australia are a great place to visit to see people seeing these animals for the first time.


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