📷 Show me Birds - Round 7/Feathered Friends. Colibri 📷

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This is my participation in the Show me the Birds contest round No.7 of @barski and Feathered Friends of @melinda010100.


Happy weekend for all, today I share a very small but very beautiful bird, with bright plumage and spectacular colors, the very long and fine beak, which allows it to feed on the nectar of flowers, very short legs and long wings, there are many Species, in different countries of America, is the beautiful Colibri.


When we observe the hummingbirds, we see that they are tireless and super active, always looking for the best and sweetest nectar, which remind us that we must always look for the good in life and the beauty of each day that we live to be a better person.

Camera: Digital Kool

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I love watching the humming birds that visit my feeder in the summertime! Thanks for posting to #featheredfriends! !Tip

thank you very much dear

thank you very much @tipu

I have picked your post for my daily voting initiative! Keep it up and Steem on!

thank you very much @chitty