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RE: Show your support to the community and win rewards ! [ENG-FR]

in Feathered Friends10 months ago

Hi @barbara-orenya, I found you through @melinda010100's shadow contest post and I like your artwork! They are soooo cuteeeeee!!!! And the colors are so soothing!
I would like to be a part of the #featheredfriends and paste your logo. But I do not have many good photos of feathered friends because they fly away too fast. I will search through my archive. Is that okay? And when I make a post, I just copy and paste your cute logo at the end of the post?


Hello @marblesz ! First, Welcome to Steem ! I've seen on your profile that you are a new comer on this great platform 😊
(BTW, You can do a first post of presentation under the hashtag IntroduceYourSelf when you will be ready 😉 )

I'm neither a very active poster on the #featherFriends community, but what is nice is that you can be active in many other way than just posting in a community 😉 :
First you can be active part of the community by voting and commenting the posts, you can resteem your favourite ones, (I've seen that you have already resteemed posts, bravo !)
and also, if you want to spread the word you can effectively stick the logo at the end of any of your post (no matter if it is a post about bird or food, look at any of my posts or those of @melinda010100 : we all have a lot of support banners footers...😃 )

So yes, just copy and paste the line
Since you take the sticker, I will send you the rewards mentioned in my post, and I advise you to go see the different links in order to know what exactly these SBI correspond to ...
You seem to already use @esteemapp, good choice congratulations ! 😃 I will send you some ESTM too

Steem like all new things requires a phase of learning, but it's worth it if you feel good here, you can do joyful and interesting things 😉 and one way is to pick communities of interest and then you will want to take your shot according to the themes...and before long there will not be a sparrow, a swan, a duck, a peacock or a hen that you will not want to photograph 😃
Have a bgt7t3.png @marblesz


Sorry I took a while to reply. Thank you sooo much for taking the time to provide detailed information about this platform and the community. There are so many things to learn here and this was also my first time using the esteem app. I am glad I did :) Thank you, thank you for the SBI and ESTM.
I will be on a look out for new feathered friends but in the meantime, I will search my archive :D
Your art is so cute!!! :) Makes me wanna dig out my colour pencils from school days (which was stuffed somewhere for many many years ago).
Happy coming weekend there @barbara-orenya :) It is really nice to "chat" with you here.

@marblesz I see you got a very nice response already from @barbara-orenya and I just wanted to say that it does not have to be a living bird. It can be anything bird related. A nest or a bird house or art featuring birds are all acceptable! I'm so glad you are joining in!

Thank you, thank you @melinda010100! It is good to know that it does not have to be a living bird. I think I have some bird related stuffs (not flying kind) around :D Happy coming weekend @melinda010100! I am really happy to have gotten to "know" you and @barbara-orenya through the shadow contest :)

Happy to know you, too!

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