Feathered Friends - Show Me A Photo Contest Round 8.

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I hardly have any flying bird photos maybe a little hand full but , i do remember capturing some flying bird photos while touring the Kimberly mountains in Western Australia and i did get a couple of good shots only because they were flying in close to our tour boat and there were frequently flying by so out of many shots , i managed to get a couple or so half decent ones. I was surprised to see so many Eagles and Sea Eagles flying by , i just wished i had a better camera well here are some of my lucky shots.

This particular huge big black Eagle flew by a few times i think he knew i wanted a photo of him after about the sixth time he flew by , i was able to see his moves and was ready for a zoom in on him as he flew by again still a little blurry and silhouette but without the experience bird photography and good camera equipment it's a mission.


In this photo he was much higher but thought i would have a go at catching him in my lens.


Then there was this beautiful rainbow that appeared in the later of the afternoon from the resort we were staying at but it wasn't till , i looked at the photo closer that i saw a Sea Eagle had bombed my photo how convenient.


The day after we were back on the tour boat exploring more of the beautiful Kimberly Mountains Ranges we were closer around the mangrove trees and apparently the skipper of the boat said that we would see more Sea Eagles in this area as it was good hunting ground for them and he wasn't wrong , i managed to capture a couple of better shots here as they were coming in slower at low flight scooping up there lunch from around the swampy mangrove trees what a talent.


And that's my little collection of flying birds hope you like them.




#featheredfriends by @nelinoeva



hello dear friend @ kohsamui99 good day
Your collection of photographs is impressive, you always find the ideal images to participate in the contest
I appreciate very much that you showed us this beautiful photograph
have a great day
happy start to the weekend

Thank you @jlufer i always have a camera in hand when i am out and have a habit of snapping photos of whatever just for the memories but are now coming into good use.

Have a great weekend my friend 👍

With these photos you have more bird in flight photos than I have, I believe, and they are better anyway, my friend 😊

What a huge rainbow - beautiful 🌈

I think I have said that already before, but I wish you a wonderful weekend 😊🌞

Cheers and !BEER

Haha...i seemed to have better luck capturing birds in flight then them sitting around it did take many shots though to achieve a few good ones but worth it 😇

You have a great weekend also @johannpiber and thank you for your always kind words and support 👍

Apart from being unlucky, I'm just too impatient ... landscapes and trees don't fly away when they see me 😂

You have a wonderful weekend too, @kohsamui99 😄

Cheers and !BEER

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You managed to collect some really nice photos. And it is not easy to capture these buggers when they fly, but you did it.
The rainbow is marvelous.

Thank you @nelinoeva managed a few lucky shots out of many i took over the few days i was there 😇

Capture of bird lifting fish out of the water is perfect timing, bird in flight not as easy as it looks, always exciting once you get to see what you have been able to achieve.

Nice photography on all @kohsamui99

Thank you @joanstewart , i was really happy to see that out of many bird photos over those few days been there , that i had achieved something that i thought i wouldn't have all lucky shots by trail and error 😇

WOW, that is a very cool bird. I really love the one that in front of the rainbow. It is a lucky shot.

Thank you @kidsisters that was sure a lucky shot , i didn't invite him he just decided to join in the photo 😆

That second to last shot is like something from National Geographic. You're pretty fortunate to catch an action shot like that. Wouldn't want to be that fish though.

Thank you @justinparke that was one in a million shot for me just a lucky shot the ones that are not planned normally turn out the best.

Yep that fish stuck his head out the water just at the wrong time well he will never be doing that again 😆