Feathered Friends - Show Me A Photo Contest Round 15 - Bird Wings.

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Since I have had my new Samsung S21 Pro smartphone I have been experimenting the hell out of it in many different ways to extreme micron photography which I was quite happy with but still learning more of it's micron functions and lately been experimenting on extreme focusing with birds in flight and at a distance many photos have been a disaster especially with trying to capture birds in flight but if they have been standing still focusing on them hasn't been such a bad result considering it is still only a smartphone. So let me show you what I have been up to with my new smartphone of course there has also been a lot of patience involved in gaining these photos and also many deleted in this experiment. Now without any further delay let me know if I passed the test of patience and focusing with these photos and do excuse me for not naming all these birds to be honest I love birds but am not familiar with all their names maybe and I would think @nelinoeva would have a better idea then me.

I do think that I can safely say that this first bird is a Dove belonging to the Pigeon family. These first three photos I would say have been my best captures of birds in flight so far, still not perfectly focused but hoping to get better with my new tech smartphone.




This beautiful white tall Egret with this long neck I caught just before he or she was ready for take off even from a distance he or she saw me and wasn't going to hang around for a profile photo...lol.



This amazing huge bird the Pelican an gregarious waterbird with the long bill and pouch used for scooping up fish out of the sea they are superior fish hunters.


This bird am not sure maybe a Eagle it was hovering high in the air certainly had it's eye on something moving on the ground and was getting ready to scoop down on it but the camera could just not get him close enough been at a far distance up in the sky.




The great white Sea Eagle an Black Hawk Eagle and the other one could be a Swan coming in for a landing.




This is one of my disaster photos before I started understanding my smartphone a little more. A Seagull flying by.


And a beautiful sunset to finish off this post a couple of birds flying in bombing my sunset which was perfect timing I thought and honestly gave more character to my sunset photo.



Feathered Friends - Show Me A Photo Contest Round 15 - by @nelinoeva




Great collection. The last pic is definitely my favourite one ❣️

Honestly, your phone is great for capturing birds. Patience paid off. Really awesome shots.
The second photo you got a bee-eater. The third is a new bird for me, not quitte sure.
I still struggle to id the raptors. ☺
I don't think I saw the link of your post under the contest post.

The technology on these smartphones are getting so incredible who needs to carry around kilos of camera equipment.

A Bee-Eater...lol...poor Bees.

Have put my link under your post thanks for reminding me @nelinoeva 👍

Indeed, the new phones become more sophisticated.
As much as I like my camera, the phone is much more convenient for quick shots.

Very true they are more convenient for quick shots...agree 👍

Great shots! Difficult to choose one favorite. The last one is extremely spectacular!

Thank you @bluemoon for your kind words 😊

With pleasure!

Yay! 🤗
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Terrific shots! The first and the last are my favourites. Good luck in the contest!

Thank you @keithboone that is a compliment coming from you but I do think there is room for improvement.