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RE: Bottoms Up

in Feathered Friends3 months ago

I have to admit that the male Grouse looks quite nice even from behind 😁

I believe you have found the right photos for the theme, Jo 😊 I like the first Blue Jay photo most, although it doesn't show much of his bottom ... or maybe just because of that 😎

I think I would have to dig very deep in my archive to find a bird's back side ... there are not a lot bird photos anyway 😉

Cheers with !BEER and !WINE


I didn’t think I would find much on the bird’s backside Hannes and it was a surprise to find something in the photos. You might find backsides in your photos. 😃

The Blue Jays are always here and are my best models. :)

Thanks dear Hannes for reblog, goodies and generosity. 🤗

I hope you are having a splendid Thor’s Day.

Good morning Jo,

sorry for the late reply, but my Thor's Day was busy and I've been too tired to do much more online than to vote and make a few comments.

It's cold here at -9 C and they say tomorrow we'll have -20 C ... brrrrr 🌡️

Of course, I would bind quite a few backsides of birds, because mostly when I press the shutter button they fly away 🤣 lol

I'm working tomorrow, but I'll try to make it an easy day (and night) and I wish you a wonderful weekend, hopefully not as cold as ours is predicted 🤗🔆

You know it's always a pleasure for me, so cheers with !BEER and !WINE

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