The Dracula Parrot Is Not Your Normal Parrot!

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Howdy folks and greetings from the Great Plains of North Texas!

This is such an interesting bird. You know how parrots are so fun and playful with so many bright colors? Well this parrot looks mean and sinister, check him out:


Ain't he something? He's magnificently fierce looking! It's actually a Vulturine Parrot, with the formal name of Pesquet’s parrot (Psittrichas fulgidus) but most widely known as a Vulterine Parrot because of his vulture-shaped beak.

Many people call him a Dracula Parrot though, because he looks sinister and scary...and his striking colors remind people of Count Dracula's black cape with red silk lining.


He also has a harsh and rasping growl when he flies and long, drawn out screams in the middle of the night! you can see why they call him that.


I think this guy is great. He lives in the jungles of Popua New Guinea and his situation is unusual in regards to his chances of longevity as a species.

That's because normally when you have an unusual animal of any kind, it's the poachers killing them for their rare features or capturing them for the exotic pet market.

But in this case, it's the local tribes who are killing these parrots for their bold red feathers to use in their headdresses.


It takes three Dracula Parrots to make one headdress. It's long been a tradition and there doesn't seem to be much hope of changing their minds about it. The parrot is now on the endangered species list.

Seems like researchers could catch them and transfer them to another jungle in another country where their feathers aren't used. But maybe that's too logical.

In the meantime I hope they become very elusive to their hunters.



Thanks for stopping by folks, God bless you all!

PS- Most of us have seen a cat stuck in a tree but have you ever seen a dog stuck in a tree? good friend, the amazing @melinda010100 sent me a photo of this story from California and I looked up the particulars.

When I first saw it I was like.."Are you kitten me??!" (sorry, couldn't resist). But hey, really, German Shepards are SMARTER than that. Normally.

He DID get his prey "cornered" though:


But then he was like..uh oh!


The cat was less bothered. The owners called the Lathrop Fire Dept who were highly amused but went to work. Then they put photos about the rescue on their facebook page including this one:


But they didn't even mention the cat so they got barraged with questions from the indignant cat owners who wanted to know if the cat made it down ok. lol. Yes, the cat was fine also.




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Put Me under thee "indignant cat owner" column......

Ya dog lover.... Lol..!!

lol...I love cats too. But that was rude of them wasn't it? Some people would leave the cat or leave the dog but you would have rescued both of 'em. You were in your namesake town yesterday, Peculiar..where you at now?

And I was waiting to get a report on the joint you ate at, the Pig Trough or something like that. lol. Oh, I guess I better look through the rest of my comments in case you already gave a report.

I bet you spend a minute or 2 on the handfull of a 1000 a day or more replies you prolly see huh...? Nothin Peculiar about that....

The $5.99 Denny's Super Lame Slam was delicious.!! For $12.56..... WTF...!?!?

Turns out a refill is not free on that meal. Knocked Me $2.99 for a second coke a cola. .79c for cheese in my scramble eggs hash browns. And $2.19 for 2 slices of toasted bread.... Rip Off AssHoles..!!

You know what that Dog would have done to that cat..... Not all dogs are friendly to cats. I watched more than one cat get brutally killed by dogs over the years. And I have seen a few bad ass cats make a stand and win.....

One of my Huskies years ago crunched up and made dead dish rags out of a couple of my sisters kittens.

People do not understand, more often than not Dogs will attack cats. The friendship between dogs and cats is the exception to the rule..... Juss' Sayin'..... "True Story"

  ·  last month (edited)

Yes sir krazzytrukker, I've never seen a dog who liked cats, just heard of em. Jack goes crazy when he sees one. It don't happen often out here but occasionally he'll see one and bolt after it, never catches them though.

Out on the farm we had a big white German Shepard and he killed more cats than I could count.

That meal was amazingly steep in price for the cheapest meal they make. They made some good profit off you so good for them. lol. It was a memorable experience!

You never said where you at, is it a secret? You finally secured that big money load so you can't say your location? lol.

Oh, and yes, I'm tryin to break my habit of being on steemit so much. Referring to the commenting.

Still in Peculiar..... Being fussy about freight and getting no love. 3 diff messages left with 3 diff load brokers. no return calls. Maybe they work at Denny's as 2nd job on the weekend also to rob people blind..... Lmao

Oh man. So you're Leisure Man again today? Any word yet, your comment was 6 hours ago.

Nahh... It will be a Monday morning free for all..... Loads and Liars, Baiting and Switching. Same old Used Car Salespeople selling freight..... Cheap Freight.

Dr. evil gets it.....1rwm67.jpg src imagflip

So you're saying you'll somehow finally get some type of decent load deal tomorrow morning? Where did you eat dinner tonight? do you have one of those little fridges in there?

The last 2 days coming home Mrs. J was behind semis that were weaving pretty much all over the road. Have no idea why. You weren't in this area so we know it wasn't you. lol!

Did your much better half give up on posting?

That breakfast story reminded me of a time I went downtown to take care of some business. Once I got done there was a restaurant across from where I had stopped so I decided to go have some breakfast. They wanted to charge seventy cents per egg and a buck for each slice of toast. It was like the most insane I'd ever heard of. I opted out of that adventure.

Some restaurants just seem to take advantage in my opinion. I went out with my parents to eat with my brother one evening a couple years back. We have separate checks, I paid for my brothers and mine and my parents paid for their own. I couldn't believe they charged two dollars and fifty cents for a eight ounce glass of pop, right there was five bucks. Then when we got out checks their was a gratuity asking of twenty percent per check. If we had paid it, which I didn't, we'd actually paid the majority of her hourly wage for occupying at the most fifteen minutes of her time when you add up the time to take the order, deliver the food, come ask if everything was fine and gave us the checks. I don't know when this concept started that it's the customers responsibility to pay for restaurants hired help...seems that cost would be factor into the overall food pricing. I think a lot of them prey on people with that I don't make minimum wage like other people and have to depend on actually use to be that way back in the day before they changed the law that said a waiter/waitresses tips have to equal minimum wage otherwise the employer has to make up the difference. That was back before they started requiring the reporting of tips on taxes by the employer rather than the sever....who the government must have figured wasn't reporting enough. So how do you get that changed around other than to require the employer to be responsible for paying full minimum wage if a employee doesn't make minimum wage requirements in the owner now has an invested interest in making sure the employee is turning in tips. Now there's a set low minimum employers have to pay, tips are expected to pick up the rest otherwise the employer is responsible. Oh there are other scams out there also, like a couple summers ago there was a half baked sad story from up north of here in a summer tourist destination from a restaurant owner about how hard it was to maintain help. Seems though he liked to take advantage of a loop hole in the law that said he could pay as low as a dollar and ninety cents an hour for the first ninety days of training....after the ninety days was up he'd find a way to get rid of people. The world is just full of scammers. lol.

They are gorgeous!!!! Love that scarlet red chest!

Howdy Jaynie! I agree. Unfortunately that beautiful color is spelling out their doom. Surely South Africa has some forests they could live in? Someone needs to help get them established where there aren't a bunch of natives running around.

Maybe South Africa wouldn't work after all. lol.

Hahahaha!!!!! You know we are in Soith Africa... not Africa right ;) hehe....

Yes, that was a feeble attempt at some kind of humor. Bunch of wild natives running around there. I know, pitiful. lol.

Lol!! Well, you might find a bunch of naked drunks running around but it would have nothing to do with tradition or location lol

See, I was close! lol..that sounds pretty primitive!

Barbaric... hahaha

My kind of place!

Thays a mad looking bird altogether. I bet he would eat ya in a second. Look at that beak

Howdy paulag! I know, that's why I like him, he looks so mean. lol. Is that what appeals to you too?

It would be fun to have one as a pet and instead of guests being entertained by an adorable and lovable parrot..this one would scare the trash out of 'em! lol. Well, maybe I'm just a little twisted.

My adorable and lovable parrots look deceiving. they would bite the hand of a stranger without even blinking, and damn are they fast. So I can only imagine what that one is like. My pair would win in a fight against that one I think :-)

Dang, yours are dangerous animals! lol. What'd you do, train them? Just teasing! I bet they're fun though. The lesson here is: looks are deceiving.

The parrot does look sinister, befitting its name. I hope they will manage to live on.

I suppose it is not unusual to see a cat on a tree. But a dog, that's something else. I guess that's why the firemen forgot to mention the cat. 😊

Hey you guys have jungles over there don't you? I think you should import these mean looking but great looking( I think) parrots. The worst they could do is scare little kids so that's a big plus right?(fitting in with your increasing cold-bloodedness).

Yeah I agree about the cat. Who cares about a dang cat in a tree, happens all the time. lol. Around here we just shoot 'em down. lol.

I am cold-blooded and emotionless. Why should I care.

But, at least over here, we don't shoot cats down from the trees. Talk about cold-bloodedness. Duh! lol

Yeah I guess that was a dumb suggestion on my part, sorry sir Vincent. Hey it takes skill to shoot a cat from a tree, don't knock it until you've tried it! lol.

It seems to be a vulture day. I am seeing them everywhere, even on Steem. I wonder if that is some sort of sign. Personally, I think superstitiously, only backward. Probably seeing vultures is a good omen. Anyway, parrots have never been all that attractive to me, but a vulture - now that's a freakishly impressive creature. Good for this guy and his vulture looks.

lol...yes, good for him except for his red feathers! I think they would do well in Florida, I think you guys should import them so they won't go extinct on us!

Vultures are a good thing though, they clean up dead animals so I can see why they could be a good omen!

Very funny! Hope that dog will learn his lesson! The owner should give him a parachute!

Haha! I agree sir kaminchan. I know your cats get up in trees but not with a dog!

O wow never seen this bird before. Beautiful. And for the dog... naughty. So glad he was saved

Howdy anneke! Hey I bet you guys would have forests that this parrot could thrive in, right? But then he might still be hunted by poachers there!

Yes we have beautiful forests, but yes unfortunately idiotic people also

Yes, South Africa has to be the most poached place on earth! And it doesn't seem like anyone can stop them.

Money is a terrible thing - we also have a lot of dogs and cats that are getting stolen and sold for a few bucks and used in dog fights. People are sick and money make them crazy Especially in a country where the poverty and no jobs rate is so high. It is extremely sad..............and very little is being done

Oh no! dogs and cats are being stolen? for what purpose? I mean you said dog fights but why would anyone steal a cat? I wouldn't ever have them outside unless they were on a leash then. That IS terrible.

They steal cats and small dogs to use as bait for their fighting dogs - It is horrific. They pay kids R10 or some food for a cat or little dog and since there are so many people on the streets on drugs or hungry, this is really getting out of hand.

My best friend's two staffies were stolen out of their yard . No I cannot imagine that people do such things. I do not even want to think about it.

That is hard to imagine. wow. When I went to play that video I got a message saying that the uploader has not made the video available in "your country."

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Howdy esteemapp! thank you for the upvote and for the fine platform!

That is an amazing parrot !! I never saw one of those before, but they are beautiful ^^

Howdy sir adalger! I agree, I think they're incredible and Papua New Guinea better figure out how to protect them from all getting killed off.

Sometimes moving things around isn't quite that simple and can get quite complex...unless of course they are placing them in zoos under some protection breeding program. When it comes to wildlife species one usually depends a multitude of others to make the whole ecosystem work, take out one then another gets unbalanced, obviously the tribal members don't understand those processes and may one day find killing off the bird for it's feathers had detrimental effect(s) on their environment. Same thing could result by adding them into a new environment, it could throw that environment off as chances are whatever functions the bird serves to it's environment there is a high probability that there is already one function in the same manner as the new environment they want to introduce it to.

I must admit I've seen quite a number of stories of cats being rescued by fire departments out of a host of trees, even a black bear cub, but haven't ever seen a dog rescue from a tree. I think it was either last summer or the summer before that a black bear cub somehow managed his way into our city, it was actually only a few short blocks from here that someone called and reported a bear in a tree outside their house. The dispatcher probably thought the person was drunk as that's never been heard of around here. When the news did the story they made mention of people having seen the bear but that was the first time they caught up to him. That one ended up being a bit much for the fire department to want to handle so they called in a wildlife experts. The only way to get him out of the tree was to tranquilize him and hope he didn't hurt himself to bad from the fall, which he did end up being fine. The DNR scooped him up and took him back north into the woods where he belonged.

Howdy sunlit7! That story of the bear cub is so funny! wow, a bear in the city just doesn't fit.
I'd be fine with those birds being transferred to zoos so we'll at least have them in protective custody. lol.

Any coronavirus cases showing up in your area yet?

  ·  last month (edited)

None that they know actively have the virus just those who've either been to China recently and/or were on the cruise ship. They announced the other day there were 325 people in Michigan currently under home quarantine and being monitored by their health departments. Last week after several people on a local neighborhood social media site mentioned seeing military helicopters in the area....which is unusual, they announced within a couple days there were, if I remember right three people under house quarantine by our health department. That was before the evacuation of the ship but after the travel restrictions were in place so chances they came in on a plane out of China would have been highly unlikely. Made me wonder if they flew military personnel out of China. I guess I was misunderstanding the quarantine restrictions, I thought anybody coming back into the country from China and/or had potential contact with known cases had to be quarantined on a designated military base, that restriction only applies to those coming directly out of Wuhan. My personal opinion is those on the ship should have went to military bases considering we all know ships are infamous for spreading viruses. Tonight they are announcing they may set up a military base about forty five minutes from my house as another quarantine location. I've been doing some first of line defense stuff just in case. I must not be the only one as I went to Walmart to buy the large bottles of Tylenol and Ibuprofen and there were maybe ten among all varieties left in stock. Even the double bonus prices packages were slim pickings. Cold and flu meds were slim pickings also, you couldn't even get day time bottles. What's the worse that could happen if I never needed them outside I could refill my kids empty bottles when they ask if I have any headache medicine instead of give them a few. I usually stock a variety of stuff anyway when I see it on sale or discount for that very reason...they are always asking me if I have any of this or that. I've been out on the web looking at what the area stores have in stock for mask, plus researching the mask trying to make a determination which one's I should buy and doing pricing in preparation to buy some this week. Those too are slim pickings with most varieties sold out. Again if I don't need them I'll never have to buy mask again to do drywall or mix cement. I'll probably have enough left over to will them to someone when I pass away someday....hopefully not from this virus either. We have two with asthma in our family, my lungs are probably not the healthiest, plus one person has a heart problem and my son's girlfriend dad is severely ill with a autoimmune disease that if he lives to Nov of 2021 he'll be the longest known survivor in the country of the we have to much to lose not to be thinking about early just in case preparations. After all that's in place and considering how this thing keeps unfolding I am doing research on what foods are known to have natural antibiotic properties then I will include those in any potential contingency plans to be able to stock enough food for up to twelve people, (thank goodness I have a duplex that is large) for a three month period...for right now thinking beyond three months is way overwhelming in thought...hopefully I won't have to implement such a plan but if I should at least I will know what I am looking at. I am only concerned more so than ever before because I've never seen anything they are doing to contain this virus like they are doing, one has to admit to themselves that these activities are highly unusual. Like in Hong Kong it's only going to take that one odd ball who infected an entire church to set off a chain reaction that finds your town under quarantine, you ain't going to be able to run out and grab a loaf of bread so you'd better be prepared to start baking your own, there isn't going to be room in the freezers to stock any you see how this crisis has driven thoughts I've also never had to think about before, god forbid relying on the kids to take any measures, we'd all die. As an example a couple weeks after this all started I was taking my one son somewhere and I happened to mention how scary this virus situation was, he quipped back yeah what's up with that anyway. Here they are spending all this time on their phones and totally unaware that fifty million people are under quarantine somewhere in this world and people are dropping dead on sidewalks....yeah, we'd be doomed. lol.

Holy smokes! The kids have no idea what's going on? wow. Well it's a good thing they have you there to think for them and prepare for them.

They say if you have a strong immune system you won't get the virus so we're making sure we have plenty of immune boosters. Here's an article about boosting the immune system with the right amount of supplements:

"'The coronavirus can be dramatically slowed or stopped completely with the immediate widespread doses of vitamin C,' says Dr. Andrew Saul, an international expert on vitamin therapy. 'Bowel tolerance levels of C taken in divided disease throughout the day is a clinically proven antiviral, without equal.'

Saul adds, 'Dr. Robert F. Cathcart, who had extensive experience treating viral disease has stated, ''I have not seen any flu yet that was not cured or markedly ameliorated by massive doses of vitamin C.

The physicians of OMNS and the International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine urge a nutrient-based method to prevent or minimize symptoms for future viral infection. Here are their recommendations for adults:

Vitamin C: 3,000 milligrams in divided doses
Vitamin D3: 2,000 International Units daily
Magnesium: 400 milligrams daily
Zinc: 20 milligrams daily
Selenium: 100 micrograms daily
'These supplements have been shown to strengthen the immune system against viruses,' says Saul."

The only thing we haven't looked into is masks, let me know where you can order those from if you have a chance.

Healthy individuals was the key word there, like I said I have one son who has asthma along with a grandson, when he was born he spent three weeks in the hospital with respiratory issues and for the first two years of his life he was in and out for varying periods of time. He is stronger now but I don't know what risk the virus would pose to him. Then there's one with the pacemaker and the other with the immune disease disorder. I did find some n95 mask at the smaller hardware stores this morning as Home Depot and Menards were completely sold out and the site said no shipments were expected and there wasn't any at any of the stores within a hundred mile radius. Not that we plan on being out if the virus starts moving close or spreading across the country. I did buy several boxes of regular mask, they are not n95 but better than nothing, one can always double them up. You can go online but people are price gouging, charging a hundred bucks for a box of ten that normally sell for twenty bucks. When you do have one that says they have them the ship date is into March or then we hope it's over right?...otherwise the government is telling one whopper of a lie about it's origins. I appreciate the formula above I will shop later to gather those, I have had a pneumonia shot, I don't know how much that protects from this type of virus if any.

My kids aren't the only ones, well because of me they aren't so much anymore, but while waiting for them to look in the back room for stock and talking among the people waiting for service there's a whole lot of people who have no idea the extent to what's going on. One guy said the only reason people are so alarmed is because social media didn't exist ten years ago so we couldn't see what was happening in China so they were probably doing the same thing. I don't know what rock he's been under but the internet been around for a long time and so has cell phones with cameras. Some said well the government said most of us will only get the sniffles....that's nice let's just hope everyone you sniffle around is healthy. lol.

lol..I'm laughing at those people in line who are clueless. That's why it could spread so fast here. That's just amazing to me.

So the masks to look for are the n95 type because they filter very small bacteria? That's kind of alarming that they're already sold out everywhere!

Thanks so much for your support of #featheredfriends! I have never seen that bird before. I certainly hope they can save them.
And thanks for doing a follow up on the dog in the tree photo! That really is funny! !Tip

Howdy Melinda! My pleasure for both things. They should at least start getting those great birds to zoos around the world to insure their survival. The dog in the tree is a classic. I can see Jack doing that because he goes nuts when he sees a cat and you can't stop him from chasing it so I can see how that happened. That dog even looks like Jack. lol.

I could see any of the shepherds I've been around getting into that predicament! That tree is the perfect angle. 😂

Howdy Melinda! Oh I see, I've only been around two of them in my life so that's a confirmation about their character. How are you today and how is it going? What did you think of Mr. Sun's open letter to us? If he's being honest it sounds really good.

I think it just may be a great thing for Steem. I sure hope we can all listen in on the town hall!

I agree, it can and should be a great thing for Steem and help to strengthen Tron to I would think.

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Well howdy tipu and thank you and thank you @melinda010100!

So colorful 👍 but scary 😊

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Howdy again clitadias! Aren't they magnificent? Wish we had them here.

Lives up to it's name, amazing nature. One can never get enough of birds, there lifestyles, calls along with unusual plumage. Not to miss his set of talons!

Great to see this magnificent bird which is so rare that from comments most have never seen it.

Dogs and cats, one clever dog doing tree climbing (there you go cats you cannot have everything your own way).

Haha! Howdy joanstewart! I agree, that parrot is amazing and I hope they find a way to protect it. I got such a kick out of that dog in the tree story, he looks just like our German Shepard. I'm so glad you liked it and thanks for commenting!

Parrot does look more like a vulture, really hope they start a program to breed them in captivity for release, or in guarded region.

Many of our vultures are killed with poison, numbers dwindled staggering lows before special places started feeding and looking out for them.

Very few dogs climb like that, very clever!

Howdy today joanstewart! That's very interesting, why would people want to kill vultures? Because they're idiots? lol.