Bird Watching in Bang Poo, Thailand

Hello fellow Hive people! Today i'd like to share with you an interesting place we discovered with Nat, just 30-40 minutes away from Bangkok. On the National birdwatching day, which is on 12th of November here in Thailand, we went to Bang Poo which is a famous spot for that ocassion. Little did I know exactly how popular it was..
This is my first time posting in this community, but i know my mother @nelinoeva has been around for quite awhile, so I'm not an entirely new face per say. :)

Bang Poo


So our idea was to get there a bit before Sunset, find a nice spot and take some good photos. The thing is we didn't account for the traffic towards the place and the amount of people there, which made parking a bit of a challenge. Once we got out the car and went to the place, the amount of people there was a bit overwhelming, but the amount of birds flying above them was even greater.

This is the main entrance to the pier. You can already see the mass of people emerging from inside.

And this is a shot above our heads. Birds were constantly flying around and from time to time in massive groups all at once.

On one side of the road there was a merchant selling cheap pieces of food you can feed the birds with. It was windy and the birds had a rough time stopping to take something though so we had to stay with our arms out for quite awhile, until some lucky bird was at the right altitude and speed in order to reach and grab the piece of bread.

Nat gave up pretty quickly since no birds were stopping to take any food from her.

I on the other hand managed to feed a few but it was so quick that Nat couldn't manage to even see them coming and take a photo. ^^

Even though we were a bit late, we still managed to catch the sunset and the amazing golden light right after the sunset.




I was trying to get a closer shot of the birds that were in the water, but with the zoom lens we had on it was a challenge. It wouldn't zoom quite enough to isolate them and it would be far enough to have birds flying infront of the camera non stop making a blurry mess in the frame. I managed to catch a few shots non the less.

These Slender-billed Gulls were the most common bird out here at this time of year. There were literally thousands of them.

A pretty bad photo of the Little Egrets hanging about. They are quite common here in Thailand and I often see them around rice farms, pulling worms off the muddy ground.

We never saw any of these, but on occasions or I guess with a better eye for this - you could see birds like Striated Heron, Pacific Golden Plover, Kentish Plover and Marsh Sandpiper.
In the mangrove forrest just on the side you can also catch in sight Swinhoe's White-eye and Golden-bellied Gerygone, but we never went there because we were late and the sun set pretty quickly after we arrived.

Nat had taken the camera we used of a friend of hers and wanted to use that one, even though mine I believe is better. Anyhow never operated on a Canon before so I didn't even know how to remove the automatic shutter - hence the blurry birds in a lot of the photos that I took. Even so I quite like some of the shots, it's hard to mess up sometimes when you have pretty much perfect light like that!
I hope you enjoyed the photos and the little story around the trip!


You have to go again and to see all these exotic birds in the mangrove forest.
I would love to see them. The sunset is brilliant and the reflection of the birds too.
Glad to see your post in our community. ☺

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