Gotta catch them all!

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Growing up in the countryside I kept hearing people complain about them. That they come in huge groups and eat the fruits. Yes... they love cherries. And I have seen them in action :)

Common starling (Sturnus vulgaris)

Starlings garden 5.jpg

Considered pests by many, they are actually very cool birds (thought they really are terrible pests).

But if you take a closed look - they are really beautiful. Not many birds have his dark feathers that will shine in multiple colours. Not many of then also will sing so lovelt from the tree nearby. Not many are able to learn other sounds and imitate other birds. They fly like torpedo in huge groups and, like here, will eat bugs and larvae from the soil.

I was watching (an shooting) a few of them though the window. They were walking and jumping around our garden looking for bugs as it was very early spring and no fruits were ready to steal yet. Such a fun bunch!

Starlings garden 4.jpg

They can be found almost all over the world, though they do look different than the Common one found in Europe. They do not migrate so we can see them more in winter as they will come closed looking for food. I would normally leave some apples that we usually have more than we can eat (together with other bids food) and they would come and feed on them together with Blackbirds and Fieldfares.

Starlings garden 1.jpg

Starlings garden 2.jpg

Starlings garden 3.jpg

Starlings garden 6.jpg

Shot with Nikon D5500 + Tamron 70-300mm lens
All photos and text are my own.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 41 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Lovely starling photos! They really are gorgeous birds. The number of them together is what makes them be a pest I suppose. When a flock of them show up together they can empty my feeders in no time.

Oh yes! They are like flying gangs. And if you have cherry trees and waiting them to ripen, you do not want to see those around. They are just so pretty and I love when they sing :)
Thank you!

Birds rock 🤘 !

Little riddle 😉 , guess what my favorite one is. I just mentioned it on my latest walk.

I'm just saying so much...he looks kinda evil 😄.

I have a special connection as they live by my house and I can hear them almost every day.

It is hard to capture them, they are rare in most areas and very shy.

They have the most unique appearance among their kind, and they look and sound from a different world.

Gosh I love them 😅...

Dryocopus martius!!
(I just went spying haha)
I don't think I have ever seen one. Only those big with red and white.

Birds and cats and snails 🤘

Exactly...and dogs and fish and ...🤣.

Digging through my stuff I found 2 pics I might can share in this weeks contest. Working on it lol.

See ya! 🤘🦉🐌🐈💨...hihi


Thanks guys! :)

Our starlings fly to you for the winter. We have snow and empty gardens. They simply have nothing to eat.
But the arrival of starlings in the spring is a sign of the arrival of warmth and real spring. The starling in Russia is a symbol of spring. For them, special houses are built in the gardens - birdhouses and no one considers them harmful :-)

I had no idea they would migrate from Russia. We have lots of them all year round.

For us Swallows are the sign of spring :)

I think that in the southern part of Russia they can also be all year round. But I know for sure that Tver and St. Petersburg do not see them in winter

Amazing 😍.

Slightly different from the starlings in our area, the color of the starlings in our area is only black with a yellow line variation on the wing feathers.

Yea, I was looking at some photos in Google and they look so different in other parts of the world. And so many types.