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When I saw that first photo I thought it was a I'm playing catch-up as usual. Too much going on at home but, hopefully, things are looking a little better. Temporarily anyway. Terrific photos of the birds and I'm glad it was a grouse as I don't see them around here so I get to see them there. 😉 💕


Hi Dee. Nice to hear from you.💞 I was wondering how you were doing.

I love seeing the grouse around. These ruffed grouse live mainly in the forest but will come out to feast in the apple trees and on other tree tips.

Thanks for your support Dee. Take care and be safe.

You're very welcome Jo! We were suppose to get 5 to 8 inches of snow yesterday but instead got a coat of ice. Luckily, it isn't as bad as some areas of the US. Hope you are doing good there in your "neck of the woods"?! You take care also and have a safe, warm and wonderful weekend! 💕

Thanks Dee. 💖I heard on the news about terrible cold weather that hit Texas and some animals at the San Antonio Zoo froze to death. If they would have brought in straw for the animals it may have saved them...just my opinion as straw is used in animal beds to keep them warm. People there were not prepared for the cold weather.

You're very welcome Jo! I watched some of what was happening in TX on was really sad. I had not heard about the zoo animals which is so sad and I did just see a video that talked about putting extra hay in stalls for the animals to keep warm. I watch Living Traditions Homestead on YT and their pig just had 5 little piglets. Hope you are having a great weekend and staying warm!! 💞