MY Feathered Friends entry into - Show Me A Photo Contest Round 3

Well hello there to all of my #FeatheredFriends Friendlies out there around the world that actually LOVE birds of all kinds and celebrate their life, their beating hearts, tiny breaths, sweet chirps and shrill squawks here with no desire or intent to hurt them in any way, shape or form.

Tonight I introduce you to my Pairs for Round #3 of the Show me a photo challenge and you can check out the original post by @nelinoeva here

All 3 photos are pairs of pairs so I hope that you enjoy my pairs as much as I do.

So the pink Cockatoos hang around in on particular tree in our front yard every night. (not this tree though- they were too quick for me and most flew off before I could grab a shot)

These are the lovvy dovie Swans at Albert Park Lake in Melbourne

And these hungry hungry Pelicans were having a feeding frenzy in the fresh water lagoon that they live in and were happy to accept food for photos...



I wish every single one of you who ever you are, where ever you are and what ever you are doing a very safe and happy new year filled with love, peace, health, success and abundance this coming new year and every near year after that! (unless you're cruel to animals, then that's a whole other blog....)

If you have made it this far, then you are absolute champions and I thank you so much for reading my blog tonight and I hope that you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


❤️❤️❤️All love and support in whatever way is greatly appreciated❤️❤️❤️

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And unless otherwise stated- ALL photographs, are all my originals taken by me sometime in the past decade or so somewhere in my travels and as such, ofcourse they are subject to all international IP and copyright laws and I may have already used them for my own commercial purposes here And here, So please ask first if you want to use any of them as we wouldn't want you getting into trouble. Thank you 😊



Good Morning!
Very Beautiful Bird shots!
It really looks a lot like here!
You have an Awesome Day as Well!


Wonderful selection!
I have never seen Pink Cockatoos and theh are in your yard. ☺
Thank you for your entry.

Thank you and I'm glad that you liked them- BTW- the Pink Cockatoos are also known as Galah's which is also a really popular Aussie colloquialism for someone being an idiot or dickhead too! 🤣

Hahaha, that is good to know 😅

I should have said a 'loving' colloquialism- not nasty, more like... oh Davo, you're a bloody galah! Bazza laughs as the crowd roared laughing with him, shaking their heads at Davo's hilarious antics....

Now I learned something new. ☺
Funny enough these words are the eeasiest to remember.

And that is sooo Aussie for🤣

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Once again, thanks for your support!

No thank you @hivebuzz for YOUR support! 😃

Ah ah, well, it is really appreciated! Have a nice weekend @chocolatescorpi 😊

I am thank you and I hope that you do too! 😊

I have not seen such swans before, they look completely different here
Nice photos of couples turned out :)

Yours probably don't have such blingy necklaces as our do! 🤣

Thanks for the compliment, but really, I was just there at the right time- it was the birds that did all of the work! 😂

Being in the right place at the right time is an art in itself :)

Haa yeah true! 😅

I've never seen a cockatoo in its natural settings, but we sure have a lot of parrots here in Suriname that I get to see every day.

Yeah we have quite a few parrots flying around here too- Rosellas mostly.

Which reminds me, I must go down to the sporting field to get some photos of the white cockys down there as there are literally hundreds just chilling around on the grass (when there no sport on ofcourse..!)

And the Kookaburras were just laughing at me then (I'm sitting out in my backyard) but you can never get the camera/video switched on in time to capture them in laughing action.